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Creatives, Innovators, Artists, Community leaders, Changemakers...

...please stand up!

Get the confidence to go for what you really want.

Learn powerful tools to release your fears, blocks and resistance.

Build a strong foundation for creating richness in all areas of your life.

“Impossible dreams” are my specialty – so bring them on!

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Karen Powell, Creativity Coach

I’m Karen Powell, a Creativity Coach.

I’m best known for helping innovators and creatives release their blocks and create a life they once believed was beyond their reach.

I’m also known for my obsession with simplicity, ease and flow. And for getting others obsessed with that too.

My courses help you break through your creative plateaus with courage and grace.

And live the life you were meant to live.

Get clear and move forward with a new confidence.
Use your passion to make a difference in the world.

It’s possible to have the life you dream of.

You just need the right tools to build the right foundation.

Mariane Akwenye


"Through her courses and sessions I’ve attended, Karen helped me return to my authentic self! Through her guidance, my layers were peeled off, like an onion, layer by layer until this sweet centre that I can stand tall and be who I really am. I owe her my sanity, my life and I am eternally grateful."


Mariane Akwenye

Global Spa Consultant

Owner Nomad African Spa Group

Winner Best Day Spa in Africa 2015 and 2016

Owner Nomad Institute of Holistic Therapy

Creator WEB Windhoek Entrepreneur’s Base

Finalist Namibian Businesswoman of the Year 2017

Finalist Y-HER Female Entrepreneur Accelerator Program 2017

Michele Gregan

"I gained a tribe and a better understanding and tolerance of myself, direction, forgiveness, tools, clarity…the list is endless. I have done a lot of healing work and this was by far the most effective and healing work to date. It’s a combination of all sorts of things – challenging, heart-warming, encouraging, fun, inspiring, painful… but doing it with the group gives one faith and courage and the feeling that you’re not alone."


Michele Gregan

Nia Dance Instructor

Owner ReNiasense

Afra Schimming-Chase

"Karen helped me discover – or uncover my best self.  She is skillful at zoning in on what truly matters to the individual, offering practical tools, tips and insights to create and live a life you love. What I appreciate most is her ability to accept people and whatever it is they are dealing with, never judging the process and always willing to work with them until they truly achieve what it is they want."


Afra Schimming-Chase

Financial Wellness Expert, Chase & Associates

Creator Sizzles Hot Sauce, Chase Flavours

Don Stevenson

"I am grateful for the role you have played in my life in the short period I have known you. You are one of those who have made life truly rich. The bottom line is your workshop became a turning point in my creative life. I am so grateful for it and the fact that you made it possible. I thank you, Karen!"


Don Stevenson

Artist, Poet, Lecturer

Nangula Uiras

"I had been hearing a lot about Karen from friends as I was going through my own struggles with self-worth, money issues, wanting to make career changes and finding my purpose. Karen truly has a gift of laying out, interpreting and finding the most simplistic ways of applying her teachings which really resonated with me. You’re in a safe place to open up and blossom into a butterfly! I’ve seen immense changes within myself, relationships with others and my career. Now I am dreaming the impossible dreams!"


Nangula Uiras

Owner Holistic Massage

Tanya Turipamwe Stroh

"Clarity and streamlining has worked wonders. I'm in such a good space about what I want and what needs to happen to get there, along with Life's wonderful surprises. These have included awards, money, opportunities and a new Love. It's all happened in such a windfall way. Pinching myself and just constantly being grateful for the abundance. Thank you for sharing yourself with me and others so we may be our best selves."


Tanya Turipamwe Stroh

Owner Turipamwe Studio

The Economist Young Namibian Business Woman of the Year 2015

TEDx Speaker

Winner Best Production Design

Namibia Theatre & Film Awards 2015 & 2017

Winner Female Role Model of the Year in Tech, Southern Africa Startup Awards 2018

“THANK YOU for all that you do and what you bring to the world!”

“You are that one special piece of the puzzle that I have been searching for to start working towards that “impossible dream” I had locked up inside me for all these years.”

“Thank you for always leading the way and reminding me that creating is very real and easy.”

“It is always great to receive your e-mail updates! They do wonders for me.”

“Karen, you always make things seem so simple and I love that.”

“Your wisdom has shaped how I see the beauty around me.”

“Thanx a lot. I feel so much lighter and hopeful for the first time…ever.”

“Hey Karen, referred two new people to you. Might be that my star is really shining bright as everyone is asking for my ‘secret’!”

“Your work has greatly affected my life’s journey.”

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