5 Ways to Get Your Confidence Back

You have a creative idea, something really exciting that fills you with passion. You can’t wait to dive in and get it going.

And then… it’s as if someone has come along and stuck a pin in your idea balloon and {Pop!} you start to second-guess everything.

You second-guess the idea itself. You begin to doubt your own ability to make it happen. You might even wonder why you got so excited in the first place.

Well I’ve noticed over the years that for most (if not all) of us, self-confidence isn’t a constant. It seems to ebb and flow.

Here are a few simple tips to try when your self-confidence needs a little boost.


1) Think back to younger days. Teenage years, early adulthood. Chances are you were lacking confidence in some areas of your life back then. Acknowledge how you’ve grown since then, list out what you’ve accomplished and all the ways you’re much stronger now. Receiving recognition, even from yourself, generates strength within.

Receiving recognition, even from yourself, generates strength within.Click To Tweet

2) Ask ten friends to tell you what they think are your best three traits. When we’re feeling a lack of self-confidence we’re usually focusing on our perceived weaknesses. Having your friends or colleagues point out the strengths they see in you helps to shift the focus onto the positive power you possess.


3) Keep a “Love File.” This is a place where you keep all the praise and kind words people tell you. It can be digital or physical. For example, create a special folder where you’ll keep every nice email someone sends you. Whether it’s from a client, a friend or someone just pointing out a job well done. Whenever you’re feeling a bit down or unsure of yourself, open up that folder and read those love notes.


4) Create positive mood generators, such as affirmations or music playlists. Affirmations are strengthening statements that give suggestions to your brain. For example: “I’m a poised and self-confident person.” Say, or write that twenty times a day and your brain will work on ways to believe it. Uplifting music does the same thing. It gives positive ideas and feelings for your brain to soak up.


5) Go to sleep. One thing I’ve definitely experienced is that my confidence reserves are much lower when I’m tired. So next time you feel self-doubt creep in, ask yourself: “Am I just tired?” This simple question can point you in the direction of your bed. Call it a day, get some sleep, and feel how re-energized and positive you feel after a good night’s sleep.


So next time an exciting creative idea comes through you, don’t let a low reserve of self-confidence stop it in its tracks. Take care of yourself, give yourself some love and acknowledgment, and keep that creative impulse alive!

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