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About Karen

Hi, I’m Karen Powell, a Creativity Coach with a passion for helping creative influencers, entrepreneurs and artists realize their biggest dreams while creating richness in all areas of their lives.

I do this through my life-changing in-person workshops and online courses.

I want you to know that those dreams that live deepest in your heart are there for a reason. And it’s your birthright to bring them into being.

But it can be scary and overwhelming to look beyond the comfort of the life you know when there’s…


Who am I to think I can have all that? 

And what will others think if I do?


I have no idea what to do next. 

I don’t even know where to start!

Second-guessing and retreating back into your comfort zone:

What’s the use, maybe I just don't have what it takes...

But having triumphed through all of those fears myself, I know this for certain:

When you commit to your deepest dream and vision of the life you really want, the result is an irreplaceable contribution to the world that can only come through you.

Through my courses I help you get clear about what you really want.

Then I show you how to get rid of the fears and blocks that feel like wet cement drying around your ankles.

I show you how to safely navigate the obstacles along the path.

I teach you the principles and the actual steps behind making anything possible.


Everything you need is already inside of you!

You know you’re destined for something great.

But you don’t even know where to start.

Things are about to get a whole lot easier!

Download my free audio mini-course, Invite the Impossible.

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camping 3

I grew up in Chicago and now live in Namibia, one of the most beautiful countries in Africa.

As a child I was mesmerized by National Geographic TV shows about Africa. And then later in my life, as I climbed the corporate ladder in Chicago, I acted on that fascination and travelled on safaris and African adventures any chance I could.

Once I realized I simply couldn’t get Africa out of my system, I decided to make the move.

Now I live a lifestyle that fully reflects the real me.

I live in a country of pristine beauty and incredible wildlife. I don’t wear shoes all that much. The air is clean. The people are lovely. And the sun shines 360 days of the year.

The best part is the work I do. I get to teach really cool people like you how to take your craft to levels you didn’t think were possible. To create a life of incredible richness, joy, purpose and abundance.

All of this infused with simplicity, ease and flow.

The road to get where I am now wasn’t always easy. When you commit to living authentically, Life doesn’t let you take all your baggage with you.

I had to move through an intense process of clearing out and healing. Clearing old limiting beliefs about myself and Life. And healing from anxiety attacks that I had been suffering from since I was a teenager.

From my own healing experience and then through working personally with many hundreds of people, I have distilled and simplified the principles and steps to unblock, release the armor and open up to the limitless creativity that is already within each of us.

I teach simple, clear actionable steps that help keep you solidly and confidently on the path to the life you really want and deserve.

I do this through my workshops, online programs, and on-going support and inspiration within my extraordinary community of like-minded creatives.

I’ve already shown hundreds of successful, dynamic creatives just like you how to confidently move along the path to their wildest dreams.

the future belongs2 copy

"I wanted to start my own business. Now I’ve got an amazing studio in a heritage building. We’ve won awards for our work, and now I’m taking my business into a global context."

Tanya Stroh

Award-winning Designer

Owner Turipamwe Studio

TEDx Speaker

It’s your birthright to have freedom, joy, purpose and prosperity in your life.

The starting point is wherever you are right now – and I guide you where to go next.

You’ll move step by step, confidently gaining sure-footed excitement as your path unfolds before you.

I’m not into complicated ideas and abstract concepts, so expect simplicity, clarity and action.


I believe in real, practical tools and techniques that

unblock your fears,

give you confidence

and make things super clear on what to do next.

I’m not into temporary fixes.

I believe in lasting and authentic healing and results.

Otherwise what’s the point?

"My husband cannot understand this change in me… It was a truly, truly magical experience. I am eternally grateful. It changed my life."

Dr Natasha Tjongarero-Mureithi

Specialist Radiologist

I’m here to help you become your most confident and authentic self.

It’s time for you to allow the most ideal and exciting version of yourself to come to life!

You’ve got a unique gift to give. And you’ve only got this lifetime to release it out into the world.

So if you have a dream (preferably one that feels preeeetttty unrealistic – even impossible) and a wish to upgrade your life to the one you deserve, then let’s get it moving now.

You’re not crazy. You’re not alone. And you don’t have to play small anymore.

Life has big plans for you.

But it needs your permission to make them happen.

Check out the courses I have to support you fully along your path here.

You can get an amazing amount of clarity right now by downloading my free audio mini-course, Invite the Impossible.


Professional Bio

Karen Powell is a Creativity Coach with a passion for helping creatives and entrepreneurs release their fears and blocks and realize their wildest dreams.

After ten years of climbing the corporate ladder in America, Karen left a vice president position at a major leasing brokerage company in Chicago to follow her childhood dream of living in Africa. Today she is an entrepreneur and the owner of Pathways Consulting in Windhoek, Namibia. Through her transformational workshops and private consulting sessions, many hundreds of people have discovered how to create the prosperity and fulfillment they once thought was beyond their reach.

You can also find Karen on the radio waves where she is a coach on Namibia’s 99FM radio talk show, Master Your Destiny.

Karen’s favorite ways to relax include being with family and friends, comfy camping, reading and long walks on the beach.

Karen believes that simplicity is the key to joy, gratitude is the key to everything, and that your impossible dreams merely await your permission.

Some of Karen’s favorite topics:

  • Creativity/Unblocking Creativity
  • Manifesting/The Law of Attraction
  • Money and Abundance Mindset
  • Emotions and Feelings: Your Internal GPS
  • Real Forgiveness
  • Inner Child Healing
  • Finding Your Passion/Living Your Purpose
  • Creating a Fulfilling, Authentic, Successful Life

Want to:

- find your purpose

- do something impossible

- get unstuck

- feel more confident

- get clarity

-heal your heart

- quit your day job?

It all starts with a circle . . .

Download my free audio mini-course,

Invite the Impossible here.

“Thank you again for just being you Karen. You exude so much light, it’s contagious.”

“I am so so grateful that I met you last year. Thanks for never ever judging and doubting me and for having had the courage and insight to do this work yourself so that you can now very authentically show us that one can get through the rough patches. Really a great big thank you to you!!!”

“Karen, you are an inspiration. Thank you for your presence in this world, in my life, and in the lives of all of us Seekers. You living your purpose helps so many of us to live ours.”

“Thank you for always being there for me and for coming to Namibia. You are truly a messenger from the Great Divine.”

“You definitely woke something up in me.”

“Thank you for sharing your heart with me and many that you have touched. You are indeed doing the work you were born to do.”

“Thank you for lighting my way to a better life. I am eternally grateful to you.”

“Your help has allowed me to see my challenges in a transformational way and not as a dark dead end street. You are so phenomenal – you give so much to others and I feel blessed every day to have you in my corner.”

“Karen, you inspire me every day! You and your efforts warm my heart more than you will ever know!”