1:1 Coaching with Karen Powell BREAKTHROUGH SESSION

Taking you from stuck… to laser-focused

Are you ready for your breakthrough?

You already KNOW this much…

  • You are frustrated with circumstances in your life
  • You are doing so much but not seeing much progress
  • You can’t figure out what is weighing you down

It's TIME to...

  • Find out what’s keeping you stuck
  • Get clear on what to do next
  • Learn sustainable strategies for success

Are you ready for a breakthrough on something that’s keeping you stuck?

  • You’re feeling frustrated, burned out, or trapped in a situation in your life.
  • You’re struggling to make sense of recurring cycles that are keeping you in a holding pattern.
  • You’re afraid to make a move in any direction, and feel like you’re operating in survival mode.
  • Your self-care is taking a backseat, while stress and anxiety are mounting.
  • It feels impossible to move through difficult times with grace and trust.
  • Or maybe you’re not sure what’s wrong, but feel something is just “off” with where you are right now.

You're wired for SUCCESS – But you could use a lifeline right about now.

Let’s start with your BREAKTHROUGH.

Seodhna Keown

“My breakthrough call with Karen was an opening to my deepest desires and dreams. Karen provided me with the safe container to explore my deepest desires and dreams while also unearthing my deeply buried and long-neglected fears and limiting beliefs. It was on this call that I began to truly understand the dance that exists between manifesting my wildest dreams and healing my deepest wounds. They are intimately connected.

On our call, Karen was able to see me, hear me and hold me in a very sacred 75-minute journey. I know that I am on this trajectory of healing thanks to her support, brilliant tools, and love.

Thank you, Karen for this offering. It was the perfect launching pad for me!”

Seodhna Keown

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Luise Haunit

“The Breakthrough Session was a true breakthrough. It got me fired up. I realize that I am right in my body, I am right in my life. Good things are coming. I feel super self-sufficient.”

Luise Haunit

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There’s only so much you can figure out on your own.

Sometimes we need someone to point out a blind spot we can’t see. Or maybe we just need a safe place to share our thoughts and feelings.

Oftentimes, an important breakthrough is merely waiting on the other side of an honest conversation.

If you find yourself stuck in your head or not sure what your next step is, having someone show you the way is priceless.

“Having private Breakthrough sessions with Karen has helped me immensely, as they not only gave me an opportunity to speak freely about issues I would not be comfortable disclosing in a public setting, but also gave me clarity on a number of things, such as: gaining a deeper understanding of some of the material of the Money On Purpose course, as well as gaining insight into my emotions and grasping what tools/solutions to utilize/apply. I honestly think this has enriched my understanding and appreciation of the course that much more.”


Hi, I’m Karen.

I’m a Creativity and Prosperity Coach who helps leaders, coaches and creatives heal their blocks and limiting beliefs, and manifest the prosperous life of their dreams. I do this through my private coaching and my transformational online program, the Money On Purpose Journey.

I'm all about getting you real-life results --not just ideas to think about.

Let’s get you:
Doing the things you dream of doing...
Having the things you'd love to have...
Being the person you know you were born to be.

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“My breakthrough with Karen was epic. I’m ready to fully step into my 2023 level-up. A coach is able to see what’s possible for you when you don’t see it for yourself yet. A great coach will open you up to new possibilities that you didn’t believe were accessible to you, and then help you move the blocks you thought were standing in your way. That is invaluable. So yes, I got exactly what I needed today.”

Nelao Nengola

Self-Love Coach

You deserve to move through life with clarity.

  • You deserve to be unapologetically YOU.
  • You deserve to set healthy boundaries in your relationships.
  • You deserve to earn an overflow of money, doing what aligns with you and lights you up.
  • You deserve to live with more ease and joy.

You might feel far away from all that right now. But often it's merely a shift in mindset, the release of an outdated belief, or a tweak in how you're approaching something that makes all the difference.

Whatever is standing in your way, there's a remedy for you. And I want to take you by the hand and show you the way to your very own breakthrough.

Jen Garron

“It is difficult to put into words the incredible combination of gentleness and deep, impactful insight that’s occurred for me while working with Karen. My recent private session with her helped me on so many levels. She helped me unearth a deep, hidden, limiting money belief. And she shined a gentle yet laser-focused light on a previous pivotal trauma –the meaning and impact of which had previously largely eluded me. At the same time, she’s provided deep, satisfying, safe tools for healing. Since my session with her, I’ve reframed my life in an even more positive light, with greater awareness and appreciation for the ability to manifest so much goodness in my life.”

Jen Garron

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“Thank you for the Breakthrough Session. It was and still feels so magical to think how much has changed since just a few days ago when we spoke.”


image (6)

“Last year was a very hard year for me. My inner child wounds had me damn near catatonic, and I was severely depressed. And then I hopped onto a one-on-one coaching call with Karen… A healing call. Since then, I have manifested:
- A partner who is soft and gentle with me
- A MacBook Air (always wanted one – and I didn’t pay a cent for it)
- Deeper connections with my friends
- And a really cool apartment in a safe area
The best is yet to come!”

Hermien Elago


"I was stuck and now I have clarity. I know what to do now!"

Nelao Nengola

Sophie Delhoulle

"The session with Karen helped me access and initiate a dialogue with the parts of me that are holding me back from engaging more authentically with my husband. Working with her has helped me get clarity on the practical steps I can take to reach a higher level of inner peace, and in turn, improve my relationship."

Sophie Delhoulle

You are SO DONE with...

  • Expecting your friends’ advice to save you
  • Always starting new things… but never finishing them
  • 3am anxiety attacks
  • Procrastinating your life away

The Breakthrough Session with Karen is for you if you are ready to…

  • Be listened to—and heard.
  • Release the tension and anxiety you’re carrying around with you.
  • Feel confident in your immediate next steps.
  • Gain clarity and a gameplan on your future long-term plans.

You’re ready for a real solution and real relief NOW.

“I am truly grateful for Karen’s support, guidance, and her ability to make me feel accepted and acknowledged. She is kind, supportive and allows me to gracefully take one step at a time towards my goals and deepest desires. Thank you, Karen, that I can trust your guidance to trust myself as I create my new life.”

Lavinia Baptista

“My session with Karen changed my perspective on the sacrifices I thought I needed to make in order to live out my passion. I realised that I can still make a huge impact and live out my passion without sacrificing my health and family life in the process! It reminded me that although focus on the future is good, the quality of the NOW is equally important and that I deserve to live my best life right now. Her gentle encouragement on the importance of taking one small step at a time while being extremely gentle with myself really resonates with me and literally helped me to feel lighter.”

Bernadette Bock

"This has been so nourishing. It was the nudge and the push that I needed."

Mia Davids

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Private 75-minute session on Zoom


What you want to create in your life is trying to make its way to you. Let me show you how to open up the pathway for that to happen now.