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You have so many creative ideas.

But don’t even know where to start.

You want to make a difference in the world.

But feel paralyzed to move forward.

Sometimes your burning desire just feels unrealistic and way too big.

Take a deep breath and know this simple truth:

Mariane Akwenye on stage

The secret to being a successful creative is having the proper foundation in place.


I’ve put that foundation together for you in clear, simple, reliable steps.

My courses help you become crystal clear on what you want.

I equip you with the tools and steps to help you build the lifestyle and make the impact that you long for.

“To attend a course as presented by Karen Powell is to open your life to a new world filled with possibilities, love and unimagined synchronicity.”



“Karen truly has a gift of laying out, interpreting and finding the most simplistic ways of applying her teachings which really resonated with me. You’re in a safe place to open up and blossom into a butterfly! I’ve seen immense changes within myself, relationships with others and my career. Now I am dreaming the impossible dreams!”

Nangula Uiras, Owner Holistic Massage


“My outlook and experience of living have changed dramatically and I have become extremely confident in calling good things into my life. From jobs, to creative projects; a circle of supportive friends to a wonderful new relationship.

Karen’s workshops are full of powerful knowledge, inspiring anecdotes and simple, highly effective tools. Her style is supportive, creative and at the same time very down-to-earth. She creates an environment in which participants feel at ease to reflect individually and also to share with the group – if they want to. She approaches all questions with consistent empathy and respect, whilst being very clear about her message. On top of all this, Karen has a fabulous sense of humour!”

Jeanette Cross

Organisational Development Consultant and Style Coach

Danica and Christina

I thrive on simplicity, minimalism and distilling things down to their very essence.

I’ve put all my programs together in a simple streamlined way that makes it super easy and fun to take the steps with confidence.

Even the first scary one.

My workshops are introvert-friendly.


My programs aren’t about “fixing” you or your life.

Instead, we build a strong foundation together that will support the unfolding of the most powerful vision of yourself and your life.

The starting point is where you are right now at this very moment.

“I’ve read many books, done meditations on websites and attended quite a few courses but the event that changed my life for good was doing Karen’s workshop. Through all the exciting and fun activities I rediscovered myself and what brings me joy.

Now my list of things I love and enjoy bounce with richness. It was this knowledge that slowly but surely led me to create the life I want. The course assisted me to find (and survive) an exciting new job and to buy my dream home – one that all estate agents I talked to (and I talked to quite a few) told me does not exist.

More importantly the course (and follow up work with Karen) gave me the tools and principles to fall back on when times were tough.”

Connie Botma


“Karen’s facilitation style makes you feel at ease. She maintains an environment that makes you feel comfortable to share regardless of your status or situation in life, beliefs or practices. She also gives everyone a chance to dream and be creative, affirms your aspirations and shows you that what you might see as an impossibility or wild dream right now is actually very possible.

I would recommend Karen’s course because I know there are many out there dealing with self-esteem issues which is keeping them from moving forward and being all that they were created to be in this life!”

Jacqueline Ndirangu

I can help you create the life you really want.

Simply. Confidently. Joyfully.



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With the proper foundation in place, your life’s purpose will hunt you down.

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