How to Create Inner Strength During Uncertainty

So many people are understandably feeling afraid, confused, anxious and overwhelmed as the devastating coronavirus pandemic sweeps through the world. 

It’s affecting the way we live, the way we think, the way we feel.

I’ve been talking with friends, clients and family members and one of the biggest sources of anxiety for so many is the sense of a loss of control, and feelings of uncertainty and powerlessness. 

I wanted to reach out and offer you a toolkit of sorts that might help you and your loved ones turn any fear and stress into a deep sense of personal power. I offer it to you with the intention that it will make someone’s day feel lighter and more peaceful.

It’s all about layering CONNECTION.

First, connection with yourself

Start by bringing your attention to your breathing and center yourself. Use your inhales and exhales to help you get out of your head and get into your body. Try it now by taking three deep, slow breaths. Do this anytime you’re feeling panicky, stressed, worried or out of control.

Second, connection with your feelings

Instead of trying to figure out how to fix a problem, how to gain control back, how to change anything, try first connecting with the feeling that’s there. It’ll be one of those that doesn’t feel good, granted. Like fear, panic or “freaking out”. 

This second layer of connection is about being present with your feelings, no matter what they are. Not trying to push them away or change them at all. Just acknowledging them for what they are and being present with them and riding out the entire wave of the feeling. 

This is really hard at first. But when you stay present to the goal of feeling the entire feeling as it moves through your body, you’ll see there’s a definite wave to it. There’s a beginning, a middle and an end to the sensation.

Third, connection with your immediate environment

Take a look around your home. Is there some drawer, pile of papers, nook, cranny, closet, puzzle, paints, clothes from the ’80s, gadget stockpile, dustbunny warren, box of pictureless frames, outline for your book idea, or other “When I get around to it” project that would love to connect with you? Make a list of projects that you’ve been meaning to get to “one of these days”. But for goodness sake, DON’T do all of the projects. Just choose the one that’s waving its hand the most vigorously at you. And then connect with it!

Fourth, connection with Nature

What ways can you connect with Nature? Can you go for walks, have a swim, look out at the moon and stars, open the window and take a deep breath of fresh air? Find your own way of connecting with Nature and notice the strengthening, healing properties of our own Mama Earth.

Fifth, connection with others

Reach out to someone and check in with them. Ask them how they are. Listen to what they have to say. Then tell them how you are. Allow them to listen to what you have to say. Being a connection for someone else involves allowing them to be a connection for you too. 

Sixth, connection with Gratitude

Before you open your eyes every morning and after you close your eyes every night, silently express gratitude to Source / God / the Universe / Nature / Life. Give gratitude for any and all blessings in your life. Big or small, express gratitude for them all. Consistent focus on gratitude calms you and creates a magnetic field of energy that pulls in even more to be grateful for.


If you create a Daily Practice using these six pillars of connection you will experience peace, calm and strength where panic, chaos and stress used to be. Are you willing to try it for 21 days? 14 days? 3 days?! 

Whatever you decide, know this: you do have the power to transform your feelings of powerlessness to a deep sense of inner strength.

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