How To Get The Guts to Go For What You Want

Think of life as a treasure hunt, where your biggest dreams are safely tucked away in a glorious treasure chest waiting for you to find them.

Inspired actions are the clues you pick up along the way, each one sending you to the next clue. One by one, they bring you closer and closer to the treasure. There are adventures and surprises all along the way. There are twists and turns, taking you in directions you wouldn’t have normally considered.

Each of your passions and interests is another piece of the grand puzzle.

It’s all woven together in a way that unfolds perfectly, sometimes with ease, other times with challenges. But always with grace and flow.

When I was a young girl living in a big family in Chicago, I dreamt of the African plains where wild animals roamed free, uninhibited by fences or cages. I dreamt of pristine nature, sunshine, blue skies, and houses full of fresh clean air wafting through the open windows.

When I was a young woman working in the concrete jungle of corporate America, I began to revisit those childhood dreams. I started to take inspired action by traveling to various African countries whenever I could steal away.

I started to experience a growing sense of urgency, connection and certainty that I would be okay if I just took the leap, and moved to Africa. Specifically, Namibia.

It’s here in Namibia that I’ve put down new roots and now teach others how to follow the clues that will lead them to their own treasure chests.

Taking small, inspired action is what builds courage. Not futilely waiting for the path to show itself in its entirety.Click To Tweet

Courage grows with every step that lands in your center and feels like ‘Yes.’

Courage is the power that becomes stronger as you slowly and steadily make your way in the dark, being present with yourself and taking that one step. And then the next one. And then the next one.

Courage is the power that grows when you don’t give up, and disappears the moment you do.

Are you ready for your first clue? It’s inside your heart right now. Bring your dream to life by acting on it!

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