How to Tap Into Your Full Potential

Have you ever reached a big goal you’d been striving for and then felt a strange feeling of disappointment, or even depression set in?

We tend to think our accomplishments will make us feel good about ourselves. But self-esteem is not necessarily linked to accomplishment.

It’s important to first discern why you want to reach a certain goal. This is what I call the essence of your wishes, and you can save yourself a lot of time and heartache if you always clarify your essences before setting off on any goal.

It kind of feels like looking backwards from your accomplishment. How do you want to feel when you arrive? Let that be your guiding light.

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In this episode of the Master Your Destiny Africa show, I share some interesting ways of looking at human potential, the creative process and fear.

You’ll learn the real role fear plays in helping you reach your full potential. And how you might be blocking yourself from receiving life’s support on your creative path.

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After you’ve listened to the show, share your biggest insight and how you’ll use it to move forward into your greater potential.

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