Invite the Impossible
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Invite the Impossible

Free audio mini-course.

Get instant clarity and momentum on your creative projects and biggest dreams in this powerful 15-minute audio training.

Adriano Visage

“I am so thankful for you Karen. The Invite the Impossible mini-course has shown me how to break from the barriers and align myself with my goals. Against all odds, these things have recently happened for me: I have been in a theatre production from Los Angeles; I got to host the Windhoek Jazz Festival; do a second season of The Real Good Chicken cooking show and travel to Lagos, Nigeria. After completing the circle, I realized that it’s all possible. I’ve realized that much of what holds us back is either the “buts” or the negativity other people have projected onto my life. The magic of the circle lies within you, not with all the nay-sayers.”

Adriano Visagie

Award-winning Actor, MC, Voice Over Artist

“I am doing your circle exercise every day. Just the exercise in itself feels amazing. This sense of acceptance I owe to you. How could I thank you? I've been working on myself for years and somehow I had a breakthrough the last few days and I feel amazing, at peace and excited about the future. I even got a message today saying I am accepted to [X]! So thank you. I am sending so much gratitude your way.”

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