LifeStyle Launch


Your step-by-step action plan to your life’s purpose

You’re at a crossroads in your life, trying to figure out what inspires you deep in your core.

The thought of moving in any direction makes you feel paralyzed.

Take a deep breath and relax those shoulders.

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Here’s the path forward for

The LifeStyle Launch is a one-day workshop that equips big dreamers and creators with a solid foundation for creating and sustaining a fulfilling and successful lifestyle.

(Even—and especially—if your big dreams don’t fit into the context of your present reality.)

You don’t have to wait until “this happens” or “that happens” to start creating your ideal life. This course lays out the steps that will get you started now and carry you through to your biggest dreams.

Take out the uncertainty of how to get there.

Stop wondering if you’re doing it correctly or not.

This process puts a strong foundation in place. This is key to supporting the completion of all your creative projects.

You will be led out of the dark and into the clearing where an exciting path appears. Sign posts you can trust will direct you every step of the way.

Life is about doing the things you love, being prosperous, feeling grateful, abundant and fulfilled.

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The LifeStyle Launch workshop is designed to take you step-by-step into building a rock-solid foundation for your best, most fulfilling life.

Whatever your big dream is . . .

...start your own business, write a book, travel the world, buy your dream home, become an inspirational speaker, sell your art, influence and change the world with an idea that is deep in your heart…

the LifeStyle Launch workshop is your roadmap to getting there with grace.

It’s the GPS that guides you at every fork in the road. It keeps you on track, helps build momentum and trust, and delivers you to the destination of your dreams.

I share the exact tools I use to manifest my own ‘impossible’ dreams, and that many hundreds of others who have worked with me now use too.

“Best decision I could have made. The LifeStyle Launch and Karen and all the people I met that day shifted my mindset and helped me get rid of all the negative thoughts keeping me back. I found that I knew intuitively that my business is what I should be doing with my life and that I can make it a successful reality. I learned techniques to do at home to keep the momentum and positive energy going. I am now drawing up building plans, getting quotations and dreaming big. I have also learnt to see problems as opportunities for creative thinking.”

Nathaly van Druten

Designer and Artist @ Natali Amore


“Since the LifeStyle Launch workshop I have managed to create the most inspiring lifestyle. Business is doing great and I live in the most wonderful home right on the beach. I only ever imagined living like this. Thank you for helping me understand and value myself as a person on my life’s journey.”

(prefers anonymity) 


“The LifeStyle Launch workshop enhanced my positive thinking, made me stronger and more confident with my teaching, more focused and centered, and in alignment with my authentic self.  I just felt better and more confident about myself and more focused and determined to manifest my best life!

Karen is very real and authentic in her approach. She provides practical, pragmatic approaches to manifesting and creating your best life. You are also given a community of support within which to quickly progress towards your goals. Karen is a visionary and has a courageous and unique approach to achieving the life you know you want. She helps us to be our best selves!”

Mariah Crystal

The LifeStyle Launch workshop teaches all the elements to help you:

  • Get crystal clear on what you really want (even if you have no idea what you want!)
  • Use what you’ve already got as a powerful foundation from which to start.
  • Take the risk out of moving forward.
  • Take the fear out of making a wrong decision.
  • Sort through all your ideas and dreams and help you pick the right one to start with.
  • Feel peaceful about your ideas rather than overwhelmed.
  • Use fear, doubt and overwhelm to actually help move you forward, rather than stay stuck.
  • Create a blueprint that outlines how to create anything, step by step.
  • Feel strength, confidence and trust that you’re moving in the right direction towards your goals and dreams.
  • Stop worrying about how things “should” unfold, and use the simple tool that works far better instead.
  • Stop wasting time, and get guidance to move you in the right direction.
  • Release the common sneaky self-sabotaging tactics that often derail even the most successful people.
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Here’s what you can expect:

  • This one-day workshop runs from 08:30-17:00.
  • All materials, lunch and refreshments are included.
  • You’ll learn life-changing information and tools, and create a blueprint to bring home that will guide you, with a sense of trust and confidence, every step of the way to your amazing, authentic life.
  • I give the utmost priority to creating a space where everyone feels safe and supported.
  • Free group follow-up session to connect again, share stories, ask questions and get inspiration and support to keep the momentum going.
  • You’ll be invited to exclusive access to our private Facebook community, the Sacred Circle. Here you’ll receive on-going support and inspiration from me and like-minded creatives whenever you need it and even long after the workshop has ended.

You could spend the next months or even years just shuffling your fears, doubts and blocks around – only to have them return with every new attempt at your creative projects.

Or, you can learn how to tackle them once and for all, and create an amazing, fulfilling, authentic lifestyle in the process.

In just one day you’ll have your own unique LifeStyle blueprint to guide you step by step in creating a life beyond what you ever thought was possible.

2018 Date: Saturday 29 September

2018 Price: N$4,199

Limited spaces available. REGISTRATION CLOSES 27 September

“I don’t even know where to begin to thank you. Meeting you and attending the LifeStyle Launch Workshop has truly changed my life. When I first got there I was so nervous and couldn’t even introduce myself. I had so much anxiety and my voice was so shaky. Something happened to me that day. Something so amazing that I can’t even explain it. I now know and feel that I’m worthy of my dreams and aspirations. I now have the confidence to speak up and get up and go for what I want. My soul is dancing again. I didn’t realise that I had put a mute on what I wanted and had stopped listening to my inner voice. I now feel so free! I have purpose! I can be ME!”

Jamilla Jacobs

Owner, Kids Emporium Windhoek

To reserve your spot, click Join Now below. You’ll need to:

  • 1 Complete the registration form.
  • 2 Make the payment.
  • 3 Check your email for confirmation of registration.
  • 4 Prepare to raise the bar higher than you ever imagined on what you think you can have, be and do in this one precious life of yours.

Once you’re in, I’ll send you your virtual “Welcome Basket” with:

  • map to my studio
  • outline of the day’s plan
  • additional tips to make the absolute most of this experience

“Clarity and streamlining has worked wonders. I'm in such a good space about what I want and what needs to happen to get there, along with Life's wonderful surprises. In the last while these have included awards, money, opportunities and a new Love. It's all happened in such a windfall way. Pinching myself and just constantly being grateful for the abundance. Thank you for sharing yourself with me and others so we may be our best selves.”

Tanya Turipamwe Stroh

Owner Turipamwe Studio, The Economist Young Namibian Business Woman of the Year 2015, TEDx Speaker, Winner Best Production Design, Namibia Theatre & Film Awards 2015 & 2017, Winner Female Role Model of the Year in Tech, Southern Africa Startup Awards 2018


“I can wholeheartedly recommend Karen's workshops and courses for a life-changing, enriching experience!”

Heidi von Hase

Coach and Mentor to Women Entrepreneurs


“I have reached my ultimate professional goal… And my Dream Holiday is also coming true!!! So grateful for the encouragement and knowing the steps to believe in oneself!”

(prefers anonymity)

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You’ve got one life and you deserve to live it with joy, meaning and fulfillment.

Your future is extending a hand to you today.
The starting point is where you are right now.