Money + Abundance Mindset


Think a life of richness and purpose is only for the lucky few?

Think again.

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You deserve a prosperous life as much as anyone else.

I created the Money + Abundance Mindset workshop to help dynamic creatives heal their money blocks and attract abundance of all kinds.

Money isn’t the answer to happiness. But it is a powerful tool that can be intentionally used for good. It has its place along the path to fulfilling your purpose and empowering others in huge ways.

But wealth and prosperity is first and foremost an inside job. That’s why I’ve put together a step-by-step program that helps you clear the hidden beliefs that are blocking money and abundance from coming into your life.


You’ll soon see that:

Money is a freedom tool to use for your needs, wants and enjoyment.

Money is not evil. It merely flows through different filters.

You deserve to live your dream, the life you were meant to live.

You are worthy of earning and attracting money, just as you are.

Money is limitless and the limiting beliefs that you learned in childhood can be changed.

Money is not just for the lucky few.

You deserve to have an abundance of money without feeling guilty.

Money can be a powerful tool for positive change and enormous good in the world.

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“I always used to believe money was never enough, not knowing it was my own mental blocks around money and what I felt I deserved. Karen helped me open my eyes to what was already there and I manifested my car. My relationship with money flows effortlessly now.”

Nangula Uiras

Owner Holistic Massage


“Anybody who finds themselves spiraling because of the curve balls of life should attend Karen’s workshops. They gently move or change your mindset to a place of peace. And with this peace, you’re able to objectively and with a healthy mindset change or improve the course of your journey to one of complete joy and instant manifestation.

I recommend Karen’s workshops wholeheartedly. The only words which come to mind of the after effect of Karen’s workshops is real personal growth.”

Jacqueline Prince

Business Consultant


“I used to think that making money was a huge struggle and that you need to work hard physically in order to do the things you love. I also used to believe that I wasn’t worthy enough to enjoy what I have and that I needed more material stuff and personal achievements to prove myself. But since I attended the Money + Abundance Mindset workshop I’ve realized that when you feel deserving of what life has to offer, then automatically people and life itself responds. I have been able to stress less and as a result things come more easily. My relationships have all improved, including my marriage, parenting, friendships, family and at work. And I have also managed to manifest a two week trip to Europe, which at first was this huge impossible dream of mine to see the first world. My outlook on life is a feeling of much more freedom, and less force and resistance. I feel as if I can fly through life with ease and abundance now. Thank You!”

Gilda Shindume

Through this program, you’ll learn my precise method that will help you:

  • Clearly see where you’ve been unknowingly blocking your abundance.
  • Transform and clear the blocks from your ‘operating system’.
  • Become powerfully intentional in your financial life.
  • Discover where the real source of prosperity lies and how to tap into it.
  • Welcome a new level of abundance that matches your mindset upgrade.
  • Live with ease and flow, releasing struggle as a way of life.
  • Become the magnet that attracts anything into your life.
  • Teach your children a healthy money mindset that they won’t have to un-do when they’re adults!
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Here’s what you can expect:

  • The course runs over 6 weeks.
  • The group meets once a week from 17:30-20:30 (with a short tea break and refreshments around 19:00).
  • We’ll work together each week through the step-by-step process of unblocking your old, outdated money mindset and installing a new, updated upgrade for tapping into unlimited abundance and prosperity.
  • All materials are provided.
  • I give the utmost priority to creating a space where everyone feels safe and supported.
  • You’ll be invited to exclusive access to our private Facebook community, the Sacred Circle. Here you’ll receive on-going support and inspiration from me and like-minded creatives whenever you need it and even long after the workshop has ended.

Money blocks hide in the sub-conscious and create invisible ceilings on what you’re able to manifest into your life. No matter how much you visualize, make vision boards, or work hard to earn money, your blocks will continue to sabotage your best efforts until they are cleared out!

I’m passionate about helping innovative creatives just like you release their deepest blocks and finally use their true power. It’s not just for the lucky few. It’s for everyone, and it is your birthright to enjoy all the abundance life has to offer.

You can choose to turn that sub-conscious “lack mentality” into prosperity consciousness.

I show you how to create prosperity from the inside out and I deliver it to you in a simple step-by-step process.

You’ll get the tools you need to locate your own hidden and outdated money blocks, release them, and then install a new, updated upgrade to your own money and abundance mindset.

Move forward with confidence in your own skills to create unlimited abundance and prosperity in your life.

2019 Dates: TBA

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  • 4 Prepare to open up to a whole new world of prosperity and abundance you didn’t realize was available to you.

“My mindset around money and abundance changed significantly through this course. It helped me to clarify why I didn’t feel worthy of abundance. Since working through these issues, so many positive things have happened in my life. I am creating a flow of abundance in my life: a new job which pays what I am worth, regional and overseas travel opportunities, an upgraded car, house repairs, opportunities to help others and assurance that what is needed will manifest. I realize now that money is the freedom to live how you dream.”

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Once you’re in, I’ll send you your virtual “Welcome Basket” with:

  • map to my studio
  • outline of the day’s plan
  • additional tips to make the absolute most of this experience

“Initially I was afraid to attend this workshop because I thought it would make me love money even more. After the Money + Abundance Mindset Workshop, I realised that money was just that… money. It wasn’t designed to be in abundance for the selected few… it was for everyone. I also learnt that it didn’t determine my level of importance in society. I used to feel inferior among the wealthy. I now realise that anybody can be rich, anybody can acquire confidence and self-worth. Money is meant to be enjoyed and it can only enhance what is already there. It was an amazing workshop.”

Ida Mukasa

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Wealth and abundance is first and foremost an inside job!