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Money On Purpose


Clarify your purpose

Heal (for real) what’s holding you back

Get the complete toolkit for creating your abundant life

So what’s standing in the way of you owning your full power?

The answer might surprise you.

Your highest vision for yourself requires you to be open to a free flow of abundance (which includes money) through your life.

Money is a neutral energy that humans have agreed to use symbolically as an exchange of value.

Sounds simple enough.

But the heavy, negative baggage people carry around when it comes to money, wealth, being rich and earning their worth is keeping a lot of otherwise incredibly creative, heart-centered, aware, socially conscious changemakers from becoming the full force for good they dream of being in the world.


Money can be a powerful tool for positive change and enormous good in the world.


One of the biggest hidden blocks to living a life of purpose, peace, and freedom is an unhealthy relationship with money.

Money On Purpose is a way to heal, create and make the impact you were meant to make in the world.

Going after your biggest dreams and highest vision is the sacred path for personal growth.


Money On Purpose is a 12-week online transformational experience that teaches creatives, innovators, coaches, leaders and changemakers how to heal their relationship with money, build their self-esteem and confidently live a life of higher purpose and prosperity. Guilt-free.

Whether you’re living your dream now or you’re still unclear as to what your passions and purpose are, Money On Purpose will take you to a new unshakeable clarity and direction, and guide you gracefully through any ceiling or plateau you may be experiencing.

This is a transformational experience that delivers REAL shifts, REAL healing and REAL change.

We do things differently in here. This is not a quick fix that eventually falls flat.

The old way of doing things just isn’t working.

You’re ready to do what it takes to break free from the negativity and blocks that are keeping you stuck, and step fully into your own personal power.

It’s time to feel better about owning your voice, sharing your unique gifts, and creating the impact you want to make in the world.

This requires a new way.

The transformation available in the Money On Purpose experience is a predictable, powerful, integrated process that happens as a result of putting a solid foundational structure in place, and then taking specific and consistent steps.

I am ready to prosper beyond my wildest dreams

The Money On Purpose framework is a specifically curated guide that helps you find the answers to:

  • How do I know what I really want?

  • How do I create what I really want?

  • How do I release all the blocks and fears that are holding me back?

You won’t ever have to wonder if you’re doing it right.

Step-by-step instructions, templates, and prompts are provided to help you put everything together.


Phase 1 

Build Your Foundation

(Weeks 1-4)

  • Establish a strong foundation that will support and strengthen you throughout the Healing and Creation processes, and throughout the rest of your life
  • Gain awareness of the blocks and resistance that surface as you begin aligning with your Purpose and Vision.
  • Identify the WHY behind your desires
  • Recognize the role of money as a tool to support you in various ways, including creating an impact for good

Phase 2

The Healing Process

(Weeks 5-8)

  • Understand why aligning with your Purpose and Vision sets in motion a deep emotional healing process
  • Create the structure that activates and supports this healing process
  • Identify the hidden triggers that cause you to block the flow of money, love, self-confidence and abundance
  • Learn and implement the tools that allow deep, real healing of old limiting beliefs, fears, blocks and self-sabotage
  • Begin to experience shifts and release of your old limiting beliefs, fears, blocks and self-sabotage

Phase 3

The Creation Process

(Weeks 9-12)

  • Discover and connect with your unique purpose, passions and values
  • Clarify the impact you want to create from your life
  • Move from seeing your life as a limited segmented pie to a dynamic free-flowing sphere
  • Learn and apply powerful manifesting tools and techniques
  • Engage with and create momentum on your wishes, dreams and goals
  • Understand and begin the process of transcending what feels impossible
  • Create your unique practice that incorporates your daily steps to creating and healing

I’ve always been creative and passionate but was lacking confidence and clarity. Now I’m grateful, reflective, wondrous, and expecting amazing things.

My life used to feel incomplete, as I was seeking fulfillment and was at times lonely and directionless. Now I feel my life is abundant, wondrous and full. I feel grateful, powerful, connected and humble.

Murray Rogers

"from Vision to Reality" - Life and Business Coach


  • Heal your deepest blocks

  • Create your biggest dreams

  • Confidently step out onto the path of your highest purpose

How has your approach to creating a life of purpose and abundance been working for you so far?

It’s probably coming up short if you’re still being stopped in your tracks by uncertainty and paralysis.

Think about where you want to be one year from now.

In three months of working through the Money On Purpose program, you’ll have everything you need to set the stage, engage with and create the meaningful, prosperous life you’re dreaming of.

You can use the elements again and again throughout your life as new ideas develop and your projects evolve.

From the moment you register for Money On Purpose, you activate a powerful healing and creation process that has the ability to take you to heights in your creativity and impact that you have not yet imagined.



The Money On Purpose journey will help you:

Take your big dream out of neutral and put it into high gear

Realize that there’s nothing wrong with you and where you are right now. You’re at the perfect, most powerful place to start your transformational journey.

Identify and clear your blocks, fears and resistance

Earn what you're worth

Decide which of your passions, dreams or goals to go for first, even if you have hundreds!

Become the clear and receptive instrument for your life’s purpose and impact that are ready to come through you right now

Craft your own unique daily practice that consists of powerful manifesting and healing tools

Create trust in yourself and in Life and always feel confident about your next step

Navigate any obstacles that show up along the way

Stop comparing yourself to others and fully own your unique path and purpose

Connect with and activate a deep, authentic, integrated healing process which dissolves limiting beliefs and self-sabotage

Stay on track even when life gets rocky and unpredictable

Money On Purpose, Live the Life
Abundance Prosperity Freedom Quote Card - Karen Powell

How does this work?

Once you join, you'll receive an email with your login details to our online member portal - our "virtual studio" where all the videos, audios and worksheets live.

Next, you'll be led step-by-step (through weekly emails), as the program unfolds over 12 weeks. You will work through each week's videos and worksheets at your own pace, and we'll have regular group coaching calls on Zoom where you can ask any questions and receive care and support.

There are logs to track your progression, templates to help you create the perfect wording for your unique Daily Practice and powerful, practical exercises that have you implementing the tools immediately.


You have lifetime access to the program, so you can work through at your own pace and come back to the materials any time.

The Money On Purpose program is designed to help you connect with your definition of happiness, success, wealth, purpose. There is no one way to define those things and therefore everyone’s journey will be uniquely tailored specifically to them.

Real, authentic healing and transformation does not happen overnight. The Money On Purpose program has been designed to give you everything you need to connect with real healing (not distraction tactics) and to create powerful manifestations. In my 20+ years experience with this process, I have found 12 weeks to be the supportive timeframe in which the proper foundation can be built and key breakthroughs can occur.

You will learn how to activate and support your own natural ability to heal deep emotional blocks that have been keeping you from allowing richness and abundance in many areas of your life. Some people have experienced profound shifts such as being freed of depression, severe anxiety and low self-esteem. I used to suffer from anxiety and panic attacks for many years and since moving through this healing process, I have been completely free of such experiences for over twenty years now. (Healing is possible, however cannot be guaranteed because everyone’s personal situation and experience is unique. Please see the following answers regarding no-refund and no-guarantee policies.)

All of my programs are non-refundable.

I created this program after teaching and coaching creatives and changemakers for over 20 years. I’ve laid out all of the most effective processes and tools that have transformed my own life and have been guiding others through profound shifts and transformation.

If you want to heal the root causes of what’s stopping you from living in your purpose and prosperity, and get clear and precise guidance on how to move forward with confidence and unstoppable momentum, then Money On Purpose is the comprehensive step-by-step program that can make that happen. However, your personal results will depend on many variables over which I have no control. For example: your daily efforts, whether you engage with all of the trainings and exercises, your commitment to the entire program and attending the live coaching calls, your willingness to seek out the guidance that is available in the program, etc.

If you’re wondering if this is the right program for you, I encourage you to go through the information again and have a look through some of the Success Stories on my website to get an idea of others’ experiences working with me. There are also free resources there that will give you a feel for my work.

Still not sure? I encourage you to gently move out of your head and go into your heart. Then sleep on it. Feel your direction in the morning when you wake up and let that be your guide.

I’m not on a mission to convince anyone of anything. But I would be honored to guide you if you feel called to do this work of deep healing and inspired creation.

Yes, there is a 2-payment plan option to join the Money On Purpose program: First payment of US$1075 is due at registration, and second payment of US$1075 is due one month later.

(Please Note: The 2-payment plan is not currently available with the PLUS Private Coaching option.)

If you have questions and can't find the answer on this page, please contact me and I'll be happy to answer them for you!


  • 8 live group coaching calls during the live program, plus on-going monthly extra support calls through the year
  • Private Members-only Facebook group where I’m a regular presence and support
  • Lifetime access to all the trainings and materials
  • Free enrollment to all future live rounds and inclusion in their live group coaching calls


I’m a Creativity and Prosperity Coach. I help leaders, entrepreneurs and changemakers release their blocks, find their purpose and create richness in all areas of their lives.

After ten years of climbing the corporate ladder in Chicago I was feeling burnt out and unsatisfied. I was questioning everything. Is this what life’s all about? There was a deep divide between what my heart was calling me to do and how I was living.

I soon learned that when you ask questions eventually you get answers – or at least guidance to figure out the answers for yourself.

I found myself on a fascinating path of healing and transformation which led me to my purpose and the fulfilling life I now live in Namibia. After twenty years of teaching people how to unblock their creativity, connect to their purpose, passion and vision, and engage in a powerful integrated emotional healing process, I have now distilled and simplified the principles and steps into the Money On Purpose program.

The proper foundation in place + The right action plan = The momentum to help see you all the way through.


Money On Purpose is for you if…

  • You want to use your life to create a positive impact
  • You are interested in healing the root causes of your limited beliefs around money, earning, creating and expressing your true self
  • You want to create richness in all areas of your life
  • This feels exciting and expansive to you

Money On Purpose is NOT for you if…

  • You are looking for a quick fix to your money problems
  • Your main goal is to simply feel relief from the stresses of life
  • You prefer to dull symptoms rather than heal root causes
  • This feels tight and contracting to you

This is not just a matter of personal growth. It’s a lifelong journey of creating and offering the best of yourself to your life and to others. And infusing your experience with joy, purpose, prosperity and a sense of freedom all along the way.

Be a force for good in the world.

Become clear on your calling.

Heal your deepest blocks around money, self-confidence, and creativity.

Get tools that help you build a strong foundation for living an abundant, purposeful, authentic life.

With the proper foundation in place,
your life’s purpose will hunt you down.