Success Stories
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This is how it’s done!

Success stories and experiences from those who have taken my courses.

The manifestation tools really do work. I have changed my life. I’m transforming my scars and wounds into golden nuggets to help others.

Tabea Boye

Growth Specialist, Awareness Coach, MC, TEDx Speaker

Karen taught me to be authentic, to be myself. And I’ve realized that the more I am myself, the more I can offer to the world.

Gerson Kamatuka

HR Operations Manager, TEDx Speaker

Magic happens when you start showing up for yourself. I’ve been able to manifest amazing things!

Denver Kisting

Journalist, TV host, MC, runner and master manifestor

I have you to thank for helping me to really look into myself and to open up to a new way of seeing myself – with compassion. I am deeply touched by your openness to be a channel of warm, comforting and supportive energy from which I could draw strength to face my past and to see myself as resilient, resourceful and courageous. Your gentle nudges to help me to see the truth during our sessions together are so invaluable.

Magano Neri

Life is so easy and stress free because of what I have learned from you. I do not operate from scarcity mind-set any longer, I live life abundantly and I dream big because of you. You are heavenly sent and I love you.

Rauna Iitembu

Financial Analyst

CEO RauVei Fashion Boutique

My healing path guided by you changed so many things in my life. I see so many situations where life gave me what I wanted, seemingly without me doing anything. They were magically placed in front of my feet. I shiver thinking of those moments. You made me see that life is there for me and always will be. I can feel that the magic, which has been missing since my childhood is back in my life.

The sacred circle tool was crucial for me. I believe it took away one of my biggest blocks. I used to be so scared of making a wrong decision. I never knew what my dreams were because I was scared I wouldn’t pick the right one. Now I’ve started to dream and not limit myself because I know that everything is possible.

My first intention was to get connected to my inner voice. It did not take long and I am sure this connection is and will be life changing for me. Thank you for that, Karen.

Your course not only changed my life; it is changing my family’s life, my relationship to my wonderful husband and especially how we are raising our children and how we deal with our children’s talents and their very own dreams.

You are so authentic Karen, so beautiful and inspiring. I thank the universe that I can be part of your journey and I can learn from you.

Simone Luhl

I’m more courageous in going for my dreams, being specific on what I want and setting healthy boundaries for myself. My wish ‘to be on stage’ (as stated on my vision board) is now manifesting in many, many different ways: TV, radio and speaking events. How amazing is that?!

I’m using the tools that I have learned on a daily basis. I feel very fortunate to have met Karen! She made a huge difference in my life and it’s difficult for me to imagine what I was like before living in awareness, practicing forgiveness and accepting myself. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Luise Haunit

TV Host and Radio Presenter

Hermien Elago

Since working with Karen I can sum up what's been happening in one word: Acceleration!

I had hit a bit of a brick wall and I was marinating and stewing in an almost year-long struggle. It was like a block that I just couldn't break through.

Karen provided a safe space and the guidance for me to believe in the power of my dreams again, to remember the magic that lies within myself and to continue summitting my "Everest".

And today, the most wonderful thing happened. I just walked out of a meeting with a corporate that will be sponsoring The Body Experience, a million dollar project that I am working on, and when the meeting ended their last words were "Send us your wish-list!" They literally blew right through and right past what I had asked for and offered MORE. Thank you for the magic and the guidance Karen!

Hermien Elago

Founder of The Body Experience

I’ve read many books, done meditations on websites and attended quite a few courses but the event that changed my life for good was doing Karen’s workshop. Through all the exciting and fun activities I rediscovered myself and what brings me joy.

Now my list of things I love and enjoy bounce with richness. It was this knowledge that slowly but surely led me to create the life I want. The course assisted me to find (and survive) an exciting new job and to buy my dream home – one that all estate agents I talked to (and I talked to quite a few) told me does not exist.

More importantly the course (and follow up work with Karen) gave me the tools and principles to fall back on when times were tough.

Connie Botma


I am so happy I attended Karen’s course. I recall coming there not really knowing what to expect. And I was hoping to come out better. I got what I expected – to get a start on what is missing. Although I knew something was not right, I still didn’t know what and how to solve it. Indeed my life was changed.

We all have some sort of healing to do. I feel Karen’s way will heal lots of people. I for one came out with renewed hope, knowing what to do with my journey. I felt clear.

Selma Moses

Senior Producer, NBC Television Namibia

I don’t even know where to begin to thank you. Meeting you and attending the LifeStyle Launch Workshop has truly changed my life. When I first got there I was so nervous and couldn’t even introduce myself. I had so much anxiety and my voice was so shaky. Something happened to me that day. Something so amazing that I can’t even explain it. I now know and feel that I’m worthy of my dreams and aspirations. I now have the confidence to speak up and get up and go for what I want. My soul is dancing again. I didn’t realise that I had put a mute on what I wanted and had stopped listening to my inner voice. I now feel so free! I have purpose! I can be ME!

Jamilla Jacobs

I have been able to create a life filled with happiness and joy, where I am healing my childhood wounds and unlocking the infinite potential of myself. With the support and wisdom Karen and her courses have given me I have embarked on a journey of self-discovery which is having positive effects on all aspects of my life including my career, personal relationships, parenting and financial abundance.

My journey has been powerful, positive, liberating, healing, miraculous, eye-opening, challenging, mind-blowing, intense and incredible. I cannot wait for all there is to still come. There are not enough words to thank Karen for this precious gift.

Danica Shaw


Director Eco-Logic Environmental Management Consulting

Karen Powell community

Karen Powell is one of the most inspiring people I know. She truly walks her talk and is a master manifestor! If you want to change your life, listen to her and it will happen. I’ve experienced big shifts as a result of Karen’s workshops. Getting out of the rut, finding clarity on my desires and realizing that I can have all that I dream of were just some of the benefits. You can't go wrong working with Karen!

Jutta Dobler

Coach and Healer

Karen offered such a safe and inviting space to explore my inner self and to explore spiritual tools to free myself from limiting thoughts and beliefs. Her gentle and effective facilitation style encouraged me to want to learn more and to do the daily work to find my way back to my quiet centre. Every desire and wish in my life feels possible to manifest. I was able to manifest my home, my growing family, my quality of life and my many adventures! Such great healing and insight has come for me from one-on-one sessions with Karen, where she has been a great listener and provided such incredible nuggets of wisdom. I cannot say enough about the positive impact Karen has had on my life's journey up until this point. I thank my guardian angels and the universal divine goddess energy for the synchronicity that allowed my path to intersect with Karen's.

Seodhna Keown

Director Pulse Health and Wellness


Karen has a unique gift in sharing and guiding through her inner ‘knowing’ of the mystical principles of life – how to live from the heart with enthusiasm, gratitude and surrender.

Tegan Brophy

Homeopathic Practitioner

Integral Professional Coach

Yoga Instructor


Karen’s course was the perfect birthday present from my daughter who had just completed the course and was absolutely inspired! Having lived on our farm for thirty years, my outlook was very much pragmatic and down to earth. The work with Karen opened up my vision to the wonderful and powerful principles of visualizations, positive affirmations, abundance and gratitude. Over time (and more courses with Karen) all this became like the blueprint of my life. I especially found the great tools Karen taught me to be of great value in realizing full positive potential – not only in my personal life, but also for my business. All other courses and consequent work I did (I have recently qualified as a life skills coach) went by the measure of insights I gained from working with Karen. 

I love Karen's workshops, seminars and informal get-togethers. She manages to get everyone positively engaged, and opening up to all the inspiring principles of her teaching – in a gentle, sincere and caring way. What I particularly enjoy about Karen's style of presentation is her relaxed manner – no dogma here! Only genuine passion and herself proof of "practicing what she preaches." All this spiced with a dose of her delicious subtle humor.

I can wholeheartedly recommend Karen's workshops and courses for a life-changing, enriching experience!

Heidi von Hase

Coach and Mentor to Women Entrepreneurs

Since my last workshop with you I have moved on in life again. I have managed to create the most inspiring lifestyle – thanks to you and everyone who have been contributing to my life’s energy on a daily basis (and of course I keep on inspiring myself every day too). When I take time out to reflect on my life, you just always seem to pop up as a point of reference. My path’s crossing with yours a long time ago kick-started something amazing. Through the ebb and flow journey of my life it is always great to check in every now and again to say thank you. Thank you for being there, for inspiring and for being an inspiration.

Business is doing great and I live in the most wonderful home right on the beach. I only ever imagined living like this, but it came about by asking the Universe to provide me with a home that is worthy of me at a time when I was working on acknowledgement of my personal worth as a wonderful and amazing person (the way I was created). Thank you for helping me understand and value myself as a person on my life’s journey.

(prefers anonymity) 


I have come to understand and own my dream and life purpose. It’s not the easiest one but it is mine and I am happy pursuing it. Another big thing is I stopped being ashamed of my life choices just because they are not conventional, so I’ve stopped making excuses for where I am in my life.

I strongly feel Karen’s approach really probes you to come up with solutions for yourself. This was weird in the beginning but it’s built my confidence in that I know the right answers for me lie inside of me. Also as Karen shares her story I take subconscious notes. I am very careful what I put on my vision board. I know it’s real. I am so grateful I have I met some amazing people in the courses, some of whom have become life friends.

Marie-Jeanne Ndimbira

Executive Director Twamanguluka

Founder Physically Active Youth Program

TEDx Speaker

Twaku Kayofa copy
Nangula Uiras
Nangado Kauluma
Gerson Kamatuka copy

Karen helped me discover – or uncover my best self.  She is skilful at zoning in on what truly matters to the individual, offering practical tools, tips and insights to create and live a life you love. What I appreciate most is her ability to accept people and whatever it is they are dealing with, never judging the process and always willing to work with them until they truly achieve what it is they want.

Afra Schimming-Chase

Financial Wellness Guru

Owner Chase & Associates

Creator Sizzles Hot Sauce, Chase Flavours

Very hesitantly I decided to enroll in Karen’s workshop. To tell the truth, I was really not in the mood to attend and share with other people. The first few meetings I was very quiet. Karen never forced anyone to share or partake if not completely comfortable. After a few weeks on the course I slowly started to share some of my thoughts. I did not so much share my personal life, because I am a very private person – but I found that some people appreciated my philosophy about life.

I am a teacher myself, and that is why I can really appreciate the way Karen conducts the meetings. She is a true facilitator – just starting a process and let you continue to complete it in a way that suits you as an individual. One of the activities we had close to the end of the course was to make a poster with pictures of your dreams – goals you would like to reach in the years to come. I still have that poster – the colours of the pictures faded – and I can see how my dreams for my future come true – one by one. The course was a real blessing at the right time of my life.

Susan Alexander



Karen is a beautiful lady. She has humour. She is positive and bright. She is a listener. She is a bridge over troubled water. She is a lantern full of oil for a long time to shine. Karen walks her talk and is so much fun!

Luise Deloch

CEO Bealtaine Health & Skincare


I attended my first workshop facilitated by Karen Powell at the age of 37. I had just left a job I loved, was still grieving after a recent miscarriage, and was struggling to keep my marriage together. I had been living with chronic pain and depression for more than ten years. I was caught up in a cycle of perfectionism and self-sabotage, and my self-esteem was rock bottom.

Karen’s sessions enabled me to identify and re-write the stories I was telling myself – stories I had learned and internalised, and that were keeping me stuck in this unhealthy cycle. The work we did enabled me to start appreciating and looking after myself without guilt, to listen to and trust my intuition, to be mindful and present, to trust life, and to reconnect with my own creativity again. I began to develop new, healthy patterns that now feel like second nature.

My outlook and experience of living have changed dramatically over the last ten years, and I have become extremely confident in calling good things into my life. From jobs, to creative projects; from a circle of supportive friends to a wonderful new relationship. By feeling deserving of happiness and by becoming clear about what I need and want in order to be happy, I have allowed so many positive things to happen for me.

Karen’s workshops are full of powerful knowledge, inspiring anecdotes and simple, highly effective tools. Her style is supportive, creative and at the same time very down-to-earth. She creates an environment in which participants feel at ease to reflect individually and also to share with the group – if  they want to. She approaches all questions with consistent empathy and respect, whilst being very clear about her message. On top of all this, Karen has a fabulous sense of humour!

Jeanette Cross

Organisational Development Consultant and Style Coach

All my life I have been looking and searching for more knowledge about life and myself. One day in The Weekender supplement in the newspaper The Namibian, there was an interview with this interesting lady, Karen Powell. She looked straight into the camera and straight into my curious mind and heart waking up my interest again to go on searching.

The course was a very nice ride into the human mind and soul, and I learned a lot from Karen and the other participants. All the lovely people I met, it still makes my heart vibrate. Karen’s way of running her course is full of interesting ideas, creative thinking and a lot of humor. I just loved it.

Since I have a quite hard and tough ego, there has been some resistance to change, but of course my ways of looking at life have changed, and I am much more open-hearted to life.

Susanna Hedebro

World Traveller


I had been hearing a lot about Karen from friends as I was going through my own struggles with self-worth, money issues, wanting to make career changes and finding my purpose. Karen truly has a gift of laying out, interpreting and finding the most simplistic ways of applying her teachings which really resonated with me. You’re in a safe place to open up and blossom into a butterfly! I’ve seen immense changes within myself, relationships with others and my career. Now I am dreaming the impossible dreams!

Nangula Uiras

Owner Holistic Massage

Through our connection I have learned: NOTHING is impossible. If I can dream it, I can do it. I needed to be reminded that if I widen my horizon and if I am willing to change and learn, my possibilities are ENDLESS. Thank you for being such an enthusiastic, inspiring and wonderful teacher! Your positive attitude and wisdom changes the world.

Tanja Dahl

Karen Powell Linda Holtz Magano Neri

After doing Karen’s wonderful course and meeting the most amazing other ladies on the course, I am more open to accepting life and enjoying each day.

Karen’s courses are very special and one does not want to them to end. Just down to earth honesty about life and the problems we all face along the way – jobwise, marriage and relationships, friends, relocating, loving and grief.  She seemed to know each and every one of us better than we knew ourselves!  She also shared her life with us and that helped too.  Her techniques were always challenging and interesting and if we felt in doubt, she was always there to guide us.

I am sure that we all need this course in our lives at some stage and having Karen to guide us was the very best and I felt privileged that our paths crossed!

Shelagh McNamara


Through her courses and sessions I've attended, Karen helped me return to my authentic self! In my case I stopped being ME at the age of seven. Through her guidance, like an onion, my layers were peeled off, layer by layer until this sweet centre that I can stand tall and be who I really am. I owe her my sanity, my life and I am eternally grateful.

Mariane Akwenye

Global Spa Consultant

Owner Nomad African Spa Group

Winner Best Day Spa in Africa 2015 and 2016

Owner Nomad Institute of Holistic Therapy

Creator WEB Windhoek Entrepreneur’s Base

Finalist Namibian Businesswoman of the Year 2017

Finalist Y-HER Female Entrepreneur Accelerator Program 2017

When I first heard about Karen's class, I was quite sceptical. I was actually scared that it would be some kind of sect or brainwashing session, trying to feed into my head thoughts or beliefs I wouldn't agree with. Now I laugh at it, as the courses I attended were everything but that!

I actually felt secure in a safe, supportive and caring environment, ready to open my heart and thoughts and challenge the way I have been working so far. Through the classes, I started feeling powerful, that there are no limits to create the life I wanted to live. It really helped me find out what was important to me, and gave me confidence and motivation to go forward and look for these things I somehow felt I was needing but couldn't really put a name on before starting the course.

It is actually all about getting tools you can use; you can discard some if they don't resonate with you! There is no obligation, just opportunities and possibilities. It was for me definitely worth it to get soaked in a positive environment there, and also meet like-minded people. I would definitely recommend Karen's courses to anybody who's open minded, to see life through a different and very interesting angle.

Lucie Trottier


Since I completed Karen's course, I find that I am far braver and more trusting in the universe. I've learned from Karen that each and every one of our dreams, wishes and purposes are unique and valid. We simply need to practice our personal creativity in order to allow for our purpose to unfold.

With a great sense of humor and sharp intuition, Karen gently leads you from the dense forest of the mind into a gorgeous sunny clearing, where you find yourself with the space for spirit. Years after completing her course I still know where that clearing is and know not to stray too far away.

Nangado Kauluma

Owner Pulse Health and Wellness

TEDx Speaker


A workshop with Karen is no ordinary experience. She takes you on a journey. It begins the moment you step into the warm embracing ambience of her studio. Through her calm, engaging and mindful way she allows you to navigate inner landscapes, explore illuminating questions and discover extraordinary answers. You are never the same afterwards – you become more.

She is a facilitator who lights up a room and who leaves a memorable imprint in the hearts of the participants who have had the privilege of crossing her path. Her positivity, knowledge and creativity have served as continuous inspiration for many.

She has had enormous impact on my own life. She has been the voice who challenged my doubts. The coach who helped me forge my path forward and let me see the glory of my own light.  A life-long learner who continues to develop and sow new and very exciting seeds. And above all someone who allows you to bloom in your own unique way.

Michelle Baker

The Barefoot Facilitator

Karen and her wonderful tools changed my life! Now I am positive and grateful every day and coping with all challenges in my life so much better.

I have learned that it is ok if one has wishes and dreams. It has nothing to do about whether you are unsatisfied or that you are unhappy in that moment of life. It is important that you are open for the “more” that life has ready for us. These possibilities and chances are unlimited. They will maybe not immediately confront you but you will experience them during your life.

It is fantastic to start every day positive and grateful! Karen, thank you very much for every tool you gave me. Thank you for all the wishes and dreams I have and will achieve.

Gesche Roxin


Support in community

Clarity and streamlining has worked wonders. I'm in such a good space about what I want and what needs to happen to get there, along with Life's wonderful surprises. In the last while these have included awards, money, opportunities and a new Love. It's all happened in such a windfall way. Pinching myself and just constantly being grateful for the abundance. Thank you for sharing yourself with me and others so we may be our best selves.

Tanya Turipamwe Stroh

Owner Turipamwe Studio

The Economist Young Namibian Business Woman of the Year 2015

TEDx Speaker

Winner Best Production Design, Namibia Theatre & Film Awards 2015 & 2017

Winner Female Role Model of the Year in Tech, Southern Africa Startup Awards 2018


Karen’s course enhanced my positive thinking, made me stronger and more confident with my teaching, more focused and centered, and in alignment with my authentic self.  I just felt better and more confident about myself and more focused and determined to manifest my best life!

Karen is very real and authentic in her approach. She provides practical, pragmatic approaches to manifesting and creating your best life. You are also given a community of support within which to quickly progress towards your goals. She has a gracious, caring approach.

Karen is a visionary and has a courageous and unique approach to achieving the life you know you want. She helps us to be our best selves!

Mariah Crystal

The space that you provide is so supportive and authentic that I just had to get as involved as possible. I have become more authentic, courageous and confident because I know myself so much better and I know how to let myself just be without controlling my thoughts or feelings. I am eternally grateful to Life for the wonderful things that I have gained from your workshops.

Ushi Tjiriange

So, what do you get when your path crosses Karen Powell’s?

You get INSPIRATION, MOTIVATION and a good deal of (usually desperately needed) GUTS! You get EMPATHY and CONFIDENTIALITY; you feel trusting, safe in the space around her and “gotten”.  She is easy to relate to and communicates concepts simply in a way that is easy to understand. You laugh and have fun too! I have never felt as if she is judging me for not being on a certain path or in a more advanced place along the path I am on. I have always felt her support and understanding, no matter what concept I am struggling with.

What one feels most of all is that she has been through what you are going through. She isn’t just sitting there “above” one, more enlightened, spouting forth something she had read or passing along intricate concepts that pass way over one’s heads and make one feel insecure if you don’t quite get them – she is real and what she is demonstrating is accessible. So you feel RELIEVED that you are not a freak and not alone in your experiences, and in her workshops you find yourself in a safe place to feel OK with being YOU, just as you are and just where you are in your journey! And you know that, with the tools she is giving you, you will be able to move more easily along with your journey.

Michele Gregan

Nia Dance Instructor

Owner ReNiasense

Karen is empathetic, intuitive, outgoing, trusting and joyful. This gives people attending her courses confidence and trust to take part and to unfold their potential. I can recommend her courses for any person who wishes to develop their hidden potential!

Kurt Schlenther

Tour Guide and Tourism Consultant


Your courses helped me to move my life into a positive direction. A very important aspect for me was that I felt safe with you and within the group, to share very personal thoughts and feelings. The group dynamics that developed were amazing at times.

The knowledge I gained certainly had a positive impact on my way of perceiving things and situations. Today I feel confident about myself and who I am and what I do. I rediscovered my real passion and enjoy every day.

Petra von Oehsen

Owner The Children’s House Montessori School

To attend a course as presented by Karen Powell is to open your life to a new world filled with possibilities, love and unimagined synchronicity.


Keynote speaker Old Mutual Women's Summit

I was at a crossroads in my life: should I retire? God forbid! Yet, the rest of my life at 62 stretched out ahead of me with no horizon in sight. The prevailing emotion in the depth of night was anxiety. The workshop and my individual sessions with Karen put my life in perspective again. I could actually look forward to the adventure ahead. A new plan, a new approach to my practice as a psychologist gave me hope and most of all, a sense of great excitement.

And what made it such a treat to attend the group sessions were the bonding, sharing and activities, all done in a totally non-threatening climate of gentle acceptance and respect of the unique person each of us was.

Elize Mayne

Clinical Psychologist

A number of years ago I became a widow overnight, and was, I thought, a strong and brave widow. But as nature works, after a while I started being a "snail without its protective shell" and I could not find any purpose in life anymore. That is until I stumbled upon a course run by Karen Powell. It was pretty hard for me to open myself up for other people to see the real me, but slowly, surely, with Karen's wise guidance and the fantastic group of people in that class I started to find myself again. What's more, I realized that all of us have so many possibilities, goals and highlights to reach in this life, no matter our age.

Karen, with her gentle guidance, made me realize that life is a gift and the older I become the more pleasure I get from life. Thank you Karen for your help to bring love and happiness back in my life.

Jeanne Scott


Best decision I could have made. The Lifestyle Launch and Karen and all the people I met that day, shifted my mind set and helped me get rid of all the negative thoughts keeping me back. I found that I knew intuitively that my business is what I should be doing with my life and that I can make it a successful reality. I learned techniques to do at home to keep the momentum and positive energy going. I’m now drawing up building plans, getting quotations and dreaming big.

Nathaly van Druten

Designer and Artist @ Natali Amore

I experienced Karen as a person who lives life very consciously. She is authentic, listens and observes very carefully and has empathy which is of high importance. These qualities of hers gave me confidence and a feeling of comfort during the hours with her, and her kind sense of humour gave a special touch.

Ulrike Goldbeck

My viewpoint was changed radically during and after participating in Karen’s workshop. I carried a lot of baggage into that experience and came out the other end curiously young again. What Karen has been for me, in my endeavour to "come out of the closet" as an artist, is a friend and guide. Never offering advice, always nudging my continuously searching mind to consider this or that possibility. The power I have experienced in Karen's approach, both in a workshop setting and in individual conversation, is that she facilitates, in the best sense of that word, always tuned to the natural talents and capacity within each person, and helping those attributes come into the light. The experience is therapeutic, though the process is not therapy, it's a mind expanding adventure.

Don Stevenson

Artist, Poet, Lecturer

At the age of 50+ you sort of think you have all the T-shirts. WHAT AN AMAZING EXPERIENCE! I quote my husband’s comment after the course: ‘You are not the same anymore.’ THANK GOD I AM NOT THE SAME ANYMORE.

Karen the way you present this course is so pleasant and peaceful and it makes one think about where they’re going and with whom and who are you really inside yourself. I will always be so thankful to you for this experience. TO BE RECOMMENDED FOR ANY PERSON, ANY TIME AS LONG AS KAREN POWELL IS THERE!! Thank you once again for your professional ways and calm personality and making this experience possible for people like us to grow in ourselves! I feel very privileged to have met you Karen. You are absolutely special – many thanks!!!

Marian Rehder

Musician and Co-owner Take Note Music Shop


Karen has a very fun and easy way of presenting her courses, of using tools and sayings that stay with you for a long time. I have worked privately as well with her and lately done another workshop. She is greatly inspiring. I always gain a lot from being in her presence.

Birgit Roesener

Afra Schimming-Chase on stage

I have been doing Karen's workshops and Re-Group sessions for more than 10 years now. The result: a happy, healthy and content person living in abundance (before I was always worried about not having enough money), got married to the most wonderful man (and I always said that I would never get married again), my business is flourishing with turnovers increasing every year and I am surrounded by inspiring people. What more do you want?

Dietlind Basson

Owner Acacia Namibia


Karen’s courses came highly recommended by two good friends. Karen has a warm personality and a natural way with people that encourages authentic participation from all course attendees. I would recommend Karen’s work to others because it works.

Sepo Haihambo

Investment Banker

TEDx Speaker

Karen guides and inspires processes of self-discovery and self-realization. She empowers people in practical ways to transform limiting patterns of thought and feeling. In this way, she helps to awaken inner strengths and resources available to us all, in order to achieve the seemingly impossible.   

Silke Berens

Artist, Teacher

The courses and consultations Karen offers are really life changing in the literal sense! I learned so many things which I have applied to my life, some of these had an immediate effect and others I can still see rippling through my life and bringing about the changes for the life I visualize. I have learned to connect to my deeper true self and find exactly what I wanted out of life, in all aspects – love, family, career, finances, health, creativity, etc.

The tools Karen provides in these courses have opened up a whole new world to me. Every single time I ponder on something and I use these tools, the results are predictable – it ALWAYS opens up doors to the opportunities I was looking for and I’m free to explore and feel which ones I want to take further or not. Everything I learned is still a big part of my life and will always be. Life really is much easier than most people think if you know how to go about creating what you want. And it is in easy reach for every single person! My life literally made a complete turnaround and I am forever grateful to Karen for popping up in my life.

Sam Lategan



Your workshop has lifted my spirits and motivated me to greater heights! I know for sure today that the universe had a greater plan for me. The course was a challenge to be all that I can be. Not only did it make me think about my life and the changes I had to make, it showed me how to go about making those changes to create the life of my dreams – an adventurous one, full of achievement and happiness.

Ann Kisting


Of course there was trepidation: would it be too in my face/in my personal space? Would it be too religious? Would it be what I want/am looking for?” Questions, questions, questions. We had a fantastic team of highly supportive people, which certainly helped. The course gave me things I didn’t know I was needing or searching for. It has given me tools to use in life. I learned that it’s okay to want abundance in many areas of life, plus a host of other strategies and skills to deal with life in general.

My gratitude goes out to Karen who was always so professional, ethical, confidential, not in your face/space and highly supportive all the way through. If there were areas I didn’t feel like sharing, I didn’t have to: this was handled quietly and respectfully for which I am truly appreciative. I made loads of new inspiring friends: friends from all walks of life, different attitudes and objectives but mainly very reassuring of what one’s personal dreams are. Whenever we meet up, there is immediately a sparky connection where one can quickly share a tidbit.

Genie Albrecht

Art Teacher and Potter

Karen Powell Seodhna Keown Afra Schimming-Chase

I was so blessed to have been a part of a fantastic group. A wonderful set of people with so much diversity, but we were all there together, each with their own personal reasons for being there, all somehow wanting to know or find something that may have felt missing in their lives. We laughed, cried and had great times together!

I have learnt to embrace the differences in all of us and love each person for who and what they are. What a boring world it would be indeed if we were all the same!

In being just who and how she is, Karen allowed me, from the get go, to feel and be as comfortable as I could ever have imagined in such a setting! It was not like school, more like sharing sessions while learning so much about me, how I do things, and this in relation to others too.

At the time I joined I had no clue how I would fund my participation, but as she will teach you, it all works out! Karen's course is one for all. JUST DO IT!!! You will definitely know why after, if you may be wondering why NOW! Thank you Karen, an opulent inspiration!!!

Tuyeni Amutenya

Owner Onyx Events and Ondunge Investments


Karen's workshops are inspiring, motivating and gives you the power to take charge of your life. I’ve come to believe that everything in life is possible. I recently obtained my Honours Degree top of my class, and I got my dream car that I announced during her workshop. Those are just a highlight of many other achievements.

Karen has a unique approach and guides you along the way. She's passionate about helping people and seeing them grow. I would definitely recommend Karen's workshops to all those who want to grow and prosper in life​!

Twaku Kayofa

Corporate Communication Officer Agra Limited

This course was really a great tool for me, with all the different techniques you use. It really helped me understand myself better and gave me a better way of dealing with my negative thinking.

I should admit that at first the course techniques were very unusual to me and at first did not make any sense to me. I had two wishes along the course: to open a shop and to further my study. Look where I am now – India doing a Masters in Journalism! You taught me how to dream and believe in all I dream and all I ask from the creator. I am a true artist.

Flavia Natangwe


I was hesitant about working in a group, because I am a bit of an introvert and struggle to relax around strangers. I was pleasantly surprised that the universe connected me with an amazing group of people. We connected in so many ways and kept contact with each other. I was so fortunate to have met so many like-minded people, what a blessing!

After attending the two-day course I started changing the way I think about my life and my destiny. There were positive changes in my attitude, thoughts, the way I relate to people and in large, about my life and future.

I felt a sense of excitement about my life and my future. I felt in control and that everything was in my hands to just make the decision what I wanted from life and the universe. The decision was mine, only mine...

I can highly recommend Karen Powell’s workshops, not only because my husband could immediately experience a positive change in my life and told all our friends what positive effect this two-day workshop had on me, but because I went there with a very narrow way of thinking and came out with a much broader way of thinking. I realised that I may ask for what I want, and for the first time I realised what it was that I wanted for so long.

This course gave me the direction I needed to gain clarity on what I wanted and to do it with passion and energy. Karen, I can only thank you for the amazing work you do and the amazing changes you made to my life with my creativity and personal growth. I now stand on my own two feet. I accept and use my own power.

Vicky Stander Neethling

VSN Africa

Karen taught me about the joy of abundance – yes, there is enough of everything for everyone; she taught me about synchronicity – yes, my life is perfectly synchronized, I just have to be patient and wait for the moment.  I learnt how to live a joyous, positive life. And when the chips are down and my world is falling apart, I seek the wisdom of Karen’s teachings to help me through the crisis. Thank you Karen, for showing me the way.

Frankie Francis


Since I attended your course so many wonderful things have happened to me. I believe more in myself and see life in a totally different light now. Your teachings are amazing and it's most amazing that you have us search within ourselves to conquer all. My business is very stable and doing quite well. I love my job and can see a bright future with it. Things are more than okay with me and it’s all thanks to you because you helped me make it possible. Thank you for making me see the impossible and for awakening my ability to invite it into my life and make it possible for myself.

Becky Shiimi

I try to meet the person/course leader first and then trust my intuition whether I want to do the course or not. With Karen, it just felt right. I felt comfortable enough to tell my stories and share experiences with people that I do not know at all! For years I could not speak or even introduce myself to others in a course/workshop environment, I would just walk away from it. I have learned that life always brings people, whether for a fleeting moment or a lifelong friendship, on your path to learn something. Be open for who or what comes your way.

Karen's got a relaxed way of connecting with people and has the ability to listen. When you’re stressed, sad, etc, about something, she will not just try to make you feel better, but would present the situation in a different angle or perspective and convey it to you to understand it better. I also like the fact that she’s not afraid to develop a new course and present it to us, as she has a strong belief in herself and the universe, which I greatly admire.

Karen is always professional, and the interaction between everybody in the course is interesting, sometimes sad, or funny, but all of that, because each one feels comfortable with her. All the courses are done in a safe space, and when it's cold, a fireplace to warm everybody!

Sonja Weber

Roya Diehl on stage

I have worked with Karen in group settings and one-on-one. I find her ability to create emotional space for people to express themselves authentically her most enduring quality. Her group facilitation skills and empathetic nature help foster trust and a feeling of safety to express the full range of emotions and feelings that arise. She allowed me to understand and access my own creativity and confront the emotional blockages that had hampered my personal growth. Working with her sparked a life-long journey of self-discovery and a return to my true self. I would recommend Karen's workshops or one-on-one coaching sessions to anyone who has made a commitment to self-discovery and to doing the work to live a more authentic life in joy and peace.

Jerome Kisting


Anybody who finds themself spiraling because of the curve balls of life should attend Karen’s workshops. They gently move your mindset to a place of peace and with this peace improve the course of your journey to one of complete joy and instant manifestation.

Karen allows the participants to question and provides practical illustrations whilst imparting mind blowing knowledge which leads to self-discovery and introspection. Karen has a way at her workshops that makes each and every participant feel special, understood and loved.  She has a natural ability with the way she connects with people. I can only describe her as an earth angel!

I recommend Karen’s workshops wholeheartedly. The only words which come to mind of the after effect of Karen’s workshops is “real personal growth”.

Jacqueline Prince

Business Consultant

I no longer stress about ‘what is tomorrow going to bring for me?’ That’s how peaceful my heart is.

Anne-Marie Molatudi

Being with Karen is an opportunity that everybody should experience. Karen offers a safe place, inspired from her clarity of how she sees things in life. Her professional, discreet, warm and sensitive approach to each of us gives the group and each person a great motivation to develop and find answers to the questions, needs and doubts. I was amazed how the group and each personality grew and blossomed from week to week.

This workshop gave me the tools to see the world, my surroundings and my life from a different perspective. Not only to find, but also apply with ease the tools we need for change, for growth, for transformation. With this workshop I became transformed. I passed through a metamorphosis like a butterfly. You feel as the time develops, lighter and you learn a way to find answers to many questions.

This workshop gave me a new approach to my life – moving more in freedom and confidence. It is a very valuable experience and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to make a change in their life. "Just jump into the lake, because you can already swim even if you don’t know it yet."

Annelene Sigg-Ross

Nia White Belt Instructor


Karen’s facilitation style makes you feel at ease. She maintains an environment that makes you feel comfortable to share regardless of your status or situation in life, beliefs or practices. She also gives everyone a chance to dream and be creative, affirms your aspirations and shows you that what you might see as an impossibility or wild dream right now is actually very possible.

I would recommend Karen’s course because I know there are many out there dealing with self-esteem issues which is keeping them from moving forward and being all that they were created to be in this life!

Jacqueline Ndirangu

The stories I heard from those that attended Karen’s workshops before motivated me to attend. I have learned how to take charge of my life and how to react to and treat people who are always negative. I’ve also learned how to dream big. The way she makes everybody feel welcome and comfortable is amazing.

Asnath Kambunga


I've always been into personal growth but often hesitate to sign up for courses run by coaches and other personal development practitioners, thinking that there's nothing much new they can teach me beyond everything I had read – and I've read a lot of personal development books! So why waste my money, right? Well, thank goodness a friend's encouragement and my curiosity got the best of me, and I found myself in one of Karen's weekend workshops on two cosy, rainy days during which I happily allowed Karen to prove me wrong.

Participating in the workshop provided me with an opportunity to benefit not only from her unique insights but also from engaging with other participants with whom I was fortunate enough to share that space. The workshop provided a practical dimension that was missing from most of my previous study and allowed for a spiritual connection with others and a safe space – created by Karen's wonderful way of putting everyone at ease and allowing trust to build – in which to articulate hidden dreams.

Since participating, I'm experiencing so much more of the magic of life and doors are opening up to me that I never ever thought I would be lucky/deserving/whatever-we-tell-ourselves enough to pass through. Soooo many wonderful things! Some awesome opportunities to express creatively! Manifestations of all kinds! More joy in everything! And this is surely just the beginning?! And I am so unreservedly grateful. I would recommend Karen's courses to anyone who feels ready to receive a special gift – the gift of discovering themselves and allowing that self to start to come to full bloom in all its unique dimensions and to lovingly express itself, thus in turn giving the gift of themselves to the world. Nothing in life could be better than that, could it?


Though living in a wonderful and loving environment I often had a feeling of isolation and being out of balance, not worthy. It was showing in headaches and long journeys of health issues. I’ve worked through many issues in various therapies and workshops trying to get back on track. But it was not what I expected. Then I met Karen Powell!

During the first week of the workshop I was very unsure if this would give me the answers I so badly needed. I was in a bad state, depressed and just feeling so lost. But then it all happened. The workshop with Karen helped me work through a lot of the past and it made me feel free again. My life has changed so much, 180 degrees! I’m very grateful that I could grab this LIFE CHANGING opportunity. Thank you Karen, you are great!

Antje Jaeger


First of all, I would really like to thank you for following your heart, your intuition and let “life” guide you to what you are doing today. I look at you and I see compassion, I see contentment and love for yourself and others. Really remarkable qualities! Thank you for taking the time to share what you know with us. I cannot even begin to tell you what it meant to me.  Your softness shines through your eyes and your kind heart overwhelmed me at times that I quickly had to put back the tears.

You have the ability to create a safe space around you, again something that I, at first, thought to be too good to be true. For me, safety comes with a non-judgemental environment, something I came to believe that does not exist anymore. Thank you, however, for providing safety in an unsafe world today. Thank you for not judging anyone, but rather having compassion and kindness in your heart towards us. I experienced that as a true blessing.

Susan Nel

Susan Nel Photography

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