How to Make a Tough Decision

When my daughter was little, like seven or eight years old, she came to me with this question: Mom, what’s a broken list? Me: A what? A bro – ken list. Me: Ah! A Pro/Con list! I explained to her how sometimes when you’re struggling to make a decision, it’s helpful to write out all…

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Cool Tool to Plan Your Year

Clarity + commitment + action miracles

It’s the end of January 2018 and your New Year’s resolutions have already gone out the window? Don’t worry. Let’s press the Reset Button. Let’s have a Do-Over. Let’s do what I love to do every time I flub up: Begin Again. I’ve just finished planning my 2018 using the same tool that helped me…

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What Setback After Setback After Setback is Trying to Tell You

You’ve put your heart and soul (and probably some blood, sweat, tears and money too) into a project or business opportunity and all you keep getting is setback after setback after setback. It’s hugely frustrating, disappointing and depressing to feel like all the effort you’ve been putting in towards your goal seems to be for…

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