The Art of Vision Boarding
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You’ve made vision boards before and…

NOW what?

Feel like you’re missing a piece of the puzzle because real life hasn’t caught up to the vision yet?

I’ve got the missing pieces for you.

This is vision boarding on a whole other level…

I created this workshop to show people with big dreams how to best use one of the greatest manifesting tools out there by showing you a fun and easy way of not only creating a vision board, but creating a vision board that WORKS.

No stress on what to include or how to find it. And, you don’t even have to know exactly what you want yet. I’ll show you how to start from exactly where you are right now.

I share all my steps and nuances that have gotten me and my clients incredible spot-on results.


"I’m more courageous in going for my dreams, being specific about what I want and setting healthy boundaries for myself. My wish ‘to be on stage’ (as stated on my vision board) is now manifesting in many, many different ways: TV, radio and speaking events. How amazing is that?!”

Luise Haunit

TV Host and Radio Presenter


“The tools Karen provides in her courses have opened up a whole new world to me. Every single time I use these tools, the results are predictable. It ALWAYS opens up doors to the opportunities I was looking for. Life really is much easier than most people think, if you know how to go about creating what you want. And it is in easy reach for every single person!”

Sam Lategan


In this one-day workshop, you will:

  • Get the direction you need to easily and enjoyably create your own Vision Board.
  • Create your own Sacred Circle tool (my own personal best manifesting tool ev-ver!)
  • Learn the accelerating tool of ‘Layering’.
  • Add the one simple but often-forgotten ingredient to your Vision Board that transforms impossible into absolutely do-able.
  • Learn exactly how to use your Vision Board so it works.
  • Find out the most common manifesting blunder most people unknowingly do that spells certain sabotage. And learn exactly how to avoid it.
  • Get all the essential practical ingredients for creating what you really want in your life.
The Art of Vision Boarding
The Art of Vision Boarding workshop

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • All the materials you need to create your Vision Board.
  • All the time, space and direction to complete your Vision Board.
  • Step-by-step guide on how to use all the key essential ingredients to fulfill your wildest dreams.
  • Hearty, delicious refreshments to help fuel your energy and creativity.
  • Comfort, safety and support. (In winter sessions: a roaring fireplace, warm blankets, fuzzy socks, hot water bottles, hot chocolate, delicious soup… you get the picture.)
  • A space where everyone feels safe and supported.
  • Exclusive access to our private Facebook community, the Sacred Circle, where you’ll receive on-going support and inspiration from me and like-minded creatives whenever you need it and even long after the workshop has ended.

You could sit alone at your kitchen table, glue some magazine pictures onto a poster board

… and then hope for the best.

Or, you can let me share all my secrets and intricacies of creating an absolute powerhouse of a Vision Board.

In just one day you’ll have your own unique Vision Board, plus everything you need to employ it as the incredible manifesting tool it really is.

You’ll leave my studio with the mighty manifesting gears already in motion. And you’ll be equipped with the know-how to keep the momentum going.

2019 Dates: TBA

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  • 4 Prepare to meet your biggest, wildest dreams, on their way to you now, easily, joyfully and affordably!

“When it came time to do the Sacred Circle exercise, I remember Karen saying that this was her best tool ever. I took note of it and paid close attention. Ten years down the line, I am still using it. Why? BECAUSE IT WORKS!!! 80% of the things I wrote down in my Sacred Circle ten years back all came true! I concentrated on how I wanted my relationship to be, what my day should look like, how I would like to spend my time, what I would like to do to make a living.

I met the person that made those butterflies alive again in my stomach and I celebrate our love for each other every day. What am I doing now? Writing this story in a coffee shop, while checking on my trades. Monitoring my profits, training in Forex trading, and making my clients happy. It is exactly what I wanted and more! The universe gave me something much better than I had asked for. Truth! When Friday comes, I cannot wait till Monday!”

Chriszelda Buckley

Certified Internal Auditor, Forex Trader, Forex Trainer, JP Markets

Once you’re in, I’ll send you your virtual “Welcome Basket” with:

  • Map to my studio
  • Outline of the day’s plan
  • Additional tips to make the absolute most of this experience

What others have said about The Art of Vision Boarding:

  • “I got the assurance that it’s okay to wish for anything.”
  • “I gained clarity and a sense that I deserve what I wish for.”
  • “I gained everything I needed to guide me to new horizons!”
  • “This class was amazing!”
  • “I’m in awe at how easily one can manifest things.”
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