The Artist's Way Workshop

The Artist's Way Workshop is currently sold out!

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You have a burning desire to

write your book . . .

start a business . . .

speak on stage . . .

create something new . . .

But you don’t know how.

Or you think it might be too late.

Or you wonder if you’ve even got what it takes…

The internal chatter stops now.
Here’s the way forward . . .

The Artist’s Way, a book by Julia Cameron, is a course in discovering and recovering your creative self. The process dissolves blocks and transforms lives.

I facilitate a small group through The Artist’s Way once a year because as the author herself says, ‘success occurs in clusters.’ I’ve created a safe, comfortable, inspiring space where hundreds of people have supported and encouraged each other over the years. Accountability and structure help participants stay the course, even through the most challenging phases of the process.

“In walking your artist’s way, my deepest wish for you is the company of fellow lights and the generosity to light each other’s ways as we each pass temporarily into darkness….success occurs in clusters and is born in generosity. Let us form constellations of believing mirrors and move into our powers.” –Julia Cameron

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"I recommend this for every single person who does not know their true north, because this is where you will find it."


Karen’s studio is such a safe and comfortable space and you also meet interesting like-minded people. The Artist’s Way workshop definitely changed my life. I learnt to know what I want and how to call things into my life. The result: a happy healthy and content person living in abundance (before I was always worried about not having enough money), got married to the most wonderful man (and I always said that I would never get married again...), my business is flourishing with turnovers increasing every year and I am surrounded by inspiring people. What more do you want?

Dietlind Basson

Owner Acacia Namibia


“The Artist’s Way workshop to me was a challenge to be all that I can be. Not only did it make me think about my life and the changes I had to make, it showed me how to go about making those changes in order to create the life of my dreams. It has helped me and is still every day helping me to make my journey through life an adventurous one, full of achievement and happiness.”

Ann Kisting


“Through the classes I started feeling powerful, that there are no limits to create the life I wanted to live. It really helped me find out what was important to me, and gave me confidence and motivation to go forward and look for these things I somehow felt I was needing but couldn't really put a name on before starting The Artist’s Way.”

(prefers anonymity)

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Through my facilitation of The Artist’s Way you get the steps and tools that will help you:

  • Know which of your many ideas to start on first.
  • Dissolve the blocks that are keeping you stuck.
  • Build your self-esteem and self-confidence.
  • Connect with a new sense of possibility for your “unrealistic” dreams and creative projects.
  • Clear out beliefs that have been sabotaging the flow of money and abundance in your life.
  • Build a stronger connection to your intuitive guidance.
  • Have the confidence to execute concrete creative plans.
  • Maintain momentum and stay on track, even after the course has finished.
  • Build trust in Life, and in yourself.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • We’ll meet in my cosy, inspiring studio once a week for 13 weeks. The sessions run from 17:30-20:30 on Wednesday evenings.
  • You’ll need to supply your own copy of the book, The Artist’s Way, by Julia Cameron (available at The Windhoek Book Den).
  • I’ll provide all the materials for the activities we do in the sessions.
  • Each week you’ll work through one chapter of the book at home.
  • We’ll then have discussions and activities in our workshop sessions based on that chapter. Sharing your insights and hearing from others going through the process deepens your understanding and enriches your experience of The Artist’s Way.
  • The structure of each session normally includes a centering in the beginning, activities and discussions on each week’s topics, a short tea break with light, delicious refreshments, time for reflection and integration, and a closing.
  • It is my highest priority that every participant feels safe and supported. We maintain an agreement of confidentiality for all personal sharing.
  • You are not required to say, share or do anything in the sessions if you don’t want to.
  • You’ll be invited to exclusive access to our private Facebook community, the Sacred Circle, where you’ll receive high-value on-going support and inspiration from me and like-minded creatives whenever you need it and even long after the workshop has ended.
i deserve the best

Everything’s easier with a circle of support

You can do The Artist’s Way on your own, with some friends, or even online with the author herself.

But if you’re the kind of person who benefits from having scheduled, in-person accountability to help see you through the length and commitment of this three-month long program, then this workshop is for you.

I went through this life-changing process myself many years ago and I’ve been an ‘’Artist’s Way mid-wife” to many hundreds of amazing creatives just like you, ever since. I’m passionate about helping people get the absolute most from this powerful process.

In just three months, you’ll be releasing fears, blocks and resistance and will have a strong foundation to move forward with confidence in your most exciting creative projects.

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“To attend The Artist’s Way course as presented by Karen Powell is to open your life to a new world filled with possibilities, love and unimagined synchronicity.”


The Artist's Way Workshop is currently sold out!

It starts 4 March, 2020! To reserve your spot, click Register Today below. You’ll need to:

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  • 2 Make the payment.
  • 3 Check your email for confirmation of registration.
  • 4 Prepare to open up to a whole new world of creativity and possibility!
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“My viewpoint was changed radically during and after participating in The Artist’s Way workshop, moderated by Karen Powell. I carried a lot of baggage into that experience and came out the other end curiously young again.”

Don Stevenson

Artist, Poet, Lecturer

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Once you’re in, I’ll send you your virtual “Welcome Basket” with:

  • map to my studio
  • week-by-week schedule and checklist to help you stay on track
  • additional tips to make the absolute most of this experience

“At the age of 50+ you sort of think you have all the T-shirts. What an amazing experience! I quote my husband’s comments after three months: ‘You are not the same anymore.’ Thank God I am not the same anymore! This course made me think deeply about my life and who I am. Karen, the way you present The Artist’s Way course is so pleasant and peaceful. I will always be so thankful to you for this experience. To be recommended for any person, any time as long as Karen Powell is there!! Thank you once again for your professional ways and calm personality and making this experience possible for people like us to grow in ourselves!”

Marian Rehder

Musician, Owner Take Note Music Shop 


“I did The Artist’s Way with Karen Powell and it was one of the most exciting courses I have ever done. It taught me to look at things in a different way. I learned to trust that life always wants to support you. Karen has a very fun and easy way of presenting her courses, of using tools and sayings that stay with you for a long time. She is greatly inspiring and I always gain a lot from being in her presence.”

Birgit Roesener

Owner Windhoek Curves Lifestyle Centre

Frequently Asked Questions

We meet for 13 consecutive Wednesday evenings from 5:30pm – 8:30pm. Our first session is on 4 March, 2020 and our last session is on 27 May, 2020.

Because of the duration of this course, some people won’t be able to attend every single session. That’s not a problem. We have measures in place so you can easily catch up on what we covered in any missed sessions.

No, I do not offer a payment plan. Full payment is due at enrollment.

All of my programs are non-refundable.

This is the only time I’ll offer The Artist’s Way workshop in 2020 and I don’t know when I’ll offer it again in the future.

Registration closes latest 2 March, 2020 OR when all the spaces have been filled. There are limited spaces available and you will only receive confirmation of your place after full payment has been made.

Many past participants remark how surprisingly comfortable they felt in the group setting. No one is forced to do or say anything. My workshops are always “introvert-friendly.”

“My gratitude goes out to Karen who was always so professional, ethical, confidential, not in your face/space and highly supportive all the way through. If there were areas I didn’t feel like sharing, I didn’t have to. This was handled quietly and respectfully for which I am truly appreciative. I made loads of new inspiring friends: friends from all walks of life, different attitudes, objectives but mainly very reassuring of what one’s personal dreams are. “

Genie Albrecht

Potter and Art Teacher 


“The space that you provide is just so supportive and authentic that I just had to get as involved as possible. I have become more authentic, courageous and confident because I know myself so much better.”

Ushi Tjiriange


“Karen allows the participants to question and provides practical illustrations whilst imparting mind blowing knowledge which leads to self-discovery and introspection. Karen has a way at her workshops that makes each and every participant feel special, understood and loved.  She has a natural ability with the way she connects with people. I can only describe her as an earth angel!”

Jacqueline Prince

Business Consultant

What others have said about The Artist’s Way workshop:

  • “This course changed me and my life, and for that I will always be grateful.”
  • “I have come to understand and own my dream and life purpose.”
  • “The way Karen makes everybody feel welcome and comfortable is amazing.”
  • “My life literally made a complete turnaround since The Artist's Way course!!! And I am forever grateful to Karen for popping up in my life and introducing me to it.”
Let the Journey Unfold