Transformation is Messy

I just got back from visiting my home that’s in the middle of renovations and I’m feeling a little heartsore.

Where there were tall, beautiful frangipani trees in the garden is now a barren patch of compacted dirt.

One of the walls of my daughter’s bedroom has been torn down and is only partly built back up so far, leaving a gaping opening to what was (twenty-two years ago) the private, sacred place of her home birth.

Everywhere I look there’s dust, rubble, and pieces missing of our old life… the home that contained so much comfort, safety and love.

I look around and think, How will it ever all come together? How will it be clean and orderly again? When will the vision we had take shape? Because what I see right now looks and feels so far away from any of that.

The process of transformation is like this. Tear down to build up. Destroy to create.

If you’re going through some changes in your life now and it feels like there’s no end in sight to the uncertainty and discomfort, I want you to know that there is light at the end of the tunnel. But you probably won’t be able to see the light for long stretches of time.

Can you even imagine what the caterpillar “sees” and experiences inside the chrysalis phase when it’s literally an encased mass of goo?

Start with a clear vision, clarify it with the why behind it all, and take consistent steps in the direction of that vision, and you will arrive at your destination in the exact time that it takes to arrive at that destination. Click To Tweet

Change knows what it’s doing. Trust the process of transformation.

Deep breaths, stay present, trust the process.

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