What Setback After Setback After Setback is Trying to Tell You

You’ve put your heart and soul (and probably some blood, sweat, tears and money too) into a project or business opportunity and all you keep getting is setback after setback after setback.

It’s hugely frustrating, disappointing and depressing to feel like all the effort you’ve been putting in towards your goal seems to be for nothing.

When you’re ready, I’d like to encourage you to look at things from another perspective. (I say ‘when you’re ready’ because I think it’s okay to sit in the sadness and disappointment for a bit. Feel all of that, acknowledge all of that. These are all valid feelings that have a right to be felt and processed.)

Then when you’re ready, consider this:

Sometimes we confuse what we want with what we think will bring us what we want.

It’s called getting mired in the How. And it can be a source of great heartache!

Ask yourself: Am I focusing more on the How than on the What and Why?

First get crystal clear on what you really want, why you want it, and how you think you’ll feel when you get it. (What’s the Essence of your goal?)

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Life could be putting setbacks, roadblocks and dead ends in your way in an effort to keep your wish away from you, so that it can deliver a form that’s much more aligned with what you really want and who you really are.

I can think of several things I desperately wanted in the past and felt so frustrated that they weren’t coming to me.

Today I’m so grateful those wishes didn’t work out. Only now can I see the better forms that have replaced  those original wishes.

Focus on what you want and why you want it. But let go of the form.

Let this be your mantra when focusing on your dream:

“This, or something even better comes to me now.”

Sometimes Life knows a better way. Are you willing to be shown that better way?

You’re worthy of your wishes and dreams. Allow yourself to let go of the form. Allow yourself to be surprised!

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